A. Letters

  • Draft version of letter from Barry to Lord Buchan, written sometime in 1805 between 6th May and 3rd July, when the final version was sent. [text]
  • Draft version of a letter from Barry to Charles James Fox, 5th October 1800. [text]
  • Letter from Lord Buchan to the Society of Arts relating to his wish that the Society would set up a fund to assist Barry in his old age. [text]

B. Fryer as editor

  • Comparison of a manuscript letter with Fryer's edited version. [text]

C. Documents relating to Barry and the Royal Academy

  • Barry's objections to the way in which the Council of the Royal Academy conducted its business in November 1796. [text]
  • Barry's account of what happened at the Royal Academy meeting on the evening of 19 March 1799 at which charges were laid against him for misconduct. [text]


  • Agreement concerning Barry's lodgings at Castle Street, 30 May 1792. [text]

E. Documents relating to Barry's death

  • Draft 'press release' account of Barry's death composed by four of his friends, February 1806. [text]
  • Draft of the legal arrangements for Barry's estate [text]


  • Redmond Barry, younger brother of James Barry. [text]


  • Barry's proposals for the hanging of pictures at the Royal Academy annual exhibition, 1776. [text]


  • Letter from the secretary of the Society of Arts, Charles Taylor, to the Society concerning a revised version of the pamphlet that described Barry's sequence of paintings "The Progress of Human Culture" in the Society's Great Room. [text]


  • Barry's Library. [text]


  • Barry's plan for illustrating Milton's "Paradise Lost". [text]


  • From the "Morning Post and Daily Advertiser" newspaper, a letter (author unknown) introducing verses by one of Barry's old friends, Dr. Christopher Nugent, inspired by some of Barry's paintings in his exhibition of 1772 at the Royal Academy. [text]


  • Letter to the Dilettanti Society 1798 [First Edition] [text]