Agreement concerning Barry's lodgings at Castle Street, 30 May 1792.

Source: MS James Barry Papers and Letters, f. 2, Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University.

The agreement is written in the hand of the attorney Henry Taylor, but signed by James Barry.

In later years the house fell into disrepair, an object of derision for Barry's enemies and a cause for complaint by Barry himself. [img]

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30 May 1792

I James Barry of Castle Street near Oxford Market in the County of Middlesex Tenant of a Dwelling House Shed and premises situate in Castle Street aforesaid do hereby attorn and become Tenant to John Elton1 Mortgagee of the said premises and do hereby agree to pay him the rent which shall become due for the same at Midsummer day next2 and all other rents that shall become due for the said premises
The said John Elton paying or allowing out of the rent the sum of seven pounds and Ten shillings every - quarter,3 being the original rent due to the Landlord as the same shall become due and payable on every quarter day by equal portions or payments the yearly rent being the sum of Forty pounds.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and paid to Henry Taylor Attorney for the said John Elton six pence in part of the rent in the name of Attornment this thirtieth day of May one thousand seven hundred and ninety two

Jas James Barry
Witness Henry Taylor

30th May 1792 Memorandum4 that it is agreed that upon the within named James Barry giving six Months Notice either to M.r Elton or M.r Taylor that he shall be at liberty to quit the within mentioned House and premises -

Henry Taylor
Witness Jas Barry