Draft Press Release on Barry's Death

Source: MS 2069, National Library of Ireland, Dublin.

Barry died on Saturday 22 February 1806 'of pleuritic fever after having received the last rites from a priest' (Pressly,Life and Art, p. 198). This document, in an unknown hand, was drawn up by four of Barry's friends to record the events surrounding his death. The draft document outlining arrangements for the administration of his estate is given in Appendix E. 2.

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The celebrated Artist James Barry Esquire died on Saturday last the 22.nd Inst.1 about thirty five minutes past three oClock o'clock in the Afternoon at Mr Bonomi's house2 in Titchfield street where he had been kindly and hospitably received. As his relations were not known and were presumed to be in Ireland or in other parts out of England3 and his house was in a state of great insecurity and delapidation 4 a few of his most intimate friends met on the same Evening to consider of the best measures to be taken for the safety of his property till a Communication of the lamentable Event could be made to his next of Kin. It was agreed at this meeting that on Monday morning as many of his friends as could attend should assemble at his house and inspect his Effects. Notice of this circumstance was given on Monday to the Magistrates at the Police office in Great Marlborough Street; a careful Search was made for a Will which has not yet been found and all his Manuscript papers his prints and drawing his celebrated Pandora5 his Copper plates and such of his paintings as were the most valuable were on that same day removed to the houses of some Gentlemen his friends of great respectability. The house was committed to the care of the police office and the most effectual steps have been taken to preserve the rest of the property6 and to apprize his family relationsrelations of his decease.

To be inserted for the satisfaction of the public in the Newspapers.7

Edward Fryer8
Thos B Clarke9
Francis Douce10
Anthy Carlisle11