Administration of Barry's Estate

Source: MS James Barry Papers and Letters, f. 20, Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University.

This document is a rough draft of the legal arrangements for the administration of Barry's estate. The hand has not been identified.

The following notes are writtenIn in the left-hand margin of the first page of the ms and then crossed through: [img] Cooper Penrose
of the City of
Cork Esq.r
the Sum of £ [...]
to be invested in
the funds for the
benefit of Mrs
Buckley Bulkley for life
Margaret Ann
Bulkley after
her death to
take the Capital
on board
Prison Ship1

Barry's next of kin were his sister, Mary Ann Bulkley and Redmond Barry (1755-1824), his sole surviving brother 2

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James Barry late of Castle Street Oxford Street Esq athethe celebrated Artist died on the 22.nd day of Febuy February last Intestate leaving one Brother Redmond Barry now a Mariner in his Majesty's Service at Portsmouth; and Mary Anne Bulkley wife of Jeremiah Bulkley3 of the City of Cork hishis next of Kin The Kin. The Intestate had also another Brother named Patrick Barry who sometimes passed Patrick in consequence of hav. having left the navy […] [gap in transcription (illegible)] in consequence of hav. having left the navy […] [gap in transcription (illegible)] by the name of Patrick Reardon4 and who& afterwards& afterwards entered into the E. I. East India Company's Service by the latter name & died as it is belieived believed & died as it is belieived believed many years ago & who it is believed died in the E. East Indies with.t without leaving any Kin.

Redmond Barry J James Barry at the time of his death was possessed of ready money,5 money in the funds, of this Country & in the American Funds. Household Furniture, Paintings Drawings Engravings Copperplates Books Casts Models & Manuscript Writings which are considered Valuable.6 -

Redmond Barry the Brother has applied for Admin Administration to his Brothers Brother's Effects. & Mesr. Messrs 7 Shilton & Poulden8 are his sureties […] [gap in transcription (illegible), words: 4] that he will administerthat he will administer the Effects. - according to Lawaccording to Law - Bulkley the Sister has also appleid applied for Admon Administration & Mess.r Reardon9 & Team are her Surety's Sureties for the like purposefor the like purpose , but neither of the parties have as yet obtained Administration, and it is intended that the Brother & Sister shall take out a joint Admon Administration . - Redmond the Brother who is in low Circumst.s Circumstances has assigned the Effects to Messrs Shilton & Poulden in Trust to be applied by them in a Course of Admon Administration . -

Jeremiah Bulkley the Husband of the Sister is in Confinemnt Confinement for debt in Dublin & he purposes to make an Assignment of £ […] [gap in transcription ()] his supposed share of the Effects on right of his Wife to Cooper Penrose of the City of Cork in Ireland Esq.: & Daniel Reardon in Trustin Trust to be laid out in the funds & the Int. Interest paid to Mary Ann Bulkley his Wife for her life & after her death, to pay, the principal to Margaret Ann Bulkley10 their Daughter absolutely for her own use