James Barry's Library

Sources: MS James Barry Papers and Letters, Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University; A Catalogue of the Loose, and Framed and Glazed Prints, the Copper Plates of the Most Celebrated Works, and Library of Books, Chiefly relating to the Practice of the Art. The Property of the late James Barry, Esq. R.A. Deceased. Which will be sold by Auction, by Mr. Christie, At his Great Room, Pall Mall, On Saturday, April the 11th, 1807, at Twelve OClock.

The Sources

The following is an attempt to reconstruct the contents of Barry's library from the two known sources: first, the hand-written inventory of the books found in Barry's house after his death made in an unknown hand; this covers 20 pages of single column entries. [img] This is the major primary source. The other source is the less extensive catalogue published by Christie's for the auction of Barry's effects, including books, on 10-11 April 1807. [img] These sources give short titles, some authors, as well as sizes, for most of the books. However, there is seldom sufficient evidence to be certain about which particular edition Barry held. The aim here is to provide authors and titles, and to suggest possible editions.

Christie's catalogue is helpful in that it sometimes clarifies precise authors and editions mentioned in the hand-written inventory; it also includes some titles that are not in the inventory. Prices realised at the auction are written in ink against each item: the total sum realised for Barry's books at the auction was £145.4s.

The hand-written list may have been a preliminary inventory, since it gives only short titles and authors and, very occasionally, a comment. At times the hand-writing is not legible: this is indicated in the text below together with an image of the relevant entry in the ms. The inventory contains a number of spelling errors, which have not been silently corrected - for example, 'Distionaire' for 'Dictionnaire', 'Odyssery ' for 'Odyssey' ; this feature, along with the brevity of some of the entries, suggests the person compiling the list did so in some haste, or was not particularly learned, or both. The books were not listed in alphabetical order.

The sources indicate that Barry had a substantial and wide-rannging collection of books. The hand-written list gives a total of 604 books, made up of 365 specific titles and 239 volumes in unspeciifed lots, sometimes described for example as ' 21Various'. Christie's catalogue lists 127 specific titles and 375 unspecified books, giving a total of 502 books.1

Lay-out of the Library List

Each entry contains up to three kinds of information: first, a transcription from the source, which appears in red; second, where possible, a fuller bibliographical description of the item; third, where applicable, an editorial comment.

Part One follows the principal source, the hand-written list If the short entry does not specify the edition, the bibliographical description is of a first edition or a later recognised edition that corresponds with the size of the volume given in the hand-written list. Where the list is not clear about the title - some entries are very brief - suggestions are made as to what the entry might refer to.

The hand-written inventory lists the books under several heads, starting with English Octavo, followed by Folio, then Quarto, but this scheme is not continued in later pages.

Part Two of what follows contains those titles from Christie's auction catalogue that are not in the inventory. The catalogue gives prices realised at the auction, but these seldom relate to a single item, rather to several titles in a lot. [img] The prices are included below in brackets. For books not listed specifically by Christie, no price can be given.

Links are provided from this page to particular letters in which the author or book is alluded to by Barry. He included portraits of many of the writers mentioned below in the last of his six large murals for the Society of Arts Elysium and Tartarus or the State of Final Retribution; [img] their identities in this painting are given in William L. Pressly, The Life and Art of James Barry (London: 1981), p. 296.

Bibliographical sources have included the following on-line catalogues: Bibliothèque national de France, Bodleian Library, British Library, Gallica bibliothèque numérique (BNF), Google Books, Library of Congress, National University of Ireland at Galway, National Library of Ireland, Library of the Royal Academy, London, National Library of Scotland, Eighteenth-Centruy short-title catalogue. Links are provided to texts where available on web pages of some of these.

I wish to thank Padraic Moran of the National University of Ireland, Galway, and the Digital Humanities Observatory, Dublin, for help and advice in constructing this page.

Full display


    English Octavo

  • Stockdales Shakepeare
    Stockdale, John, ed. Stockdale's Edition of Shakespeare: including in one volume the whole of his dramatic works with explanatory notes compiled from various commentators. London: 1784. [£1.11.6d, with Peter Pindar, 3 v. ]
    {Text available at Google Books. [go] Barry included Shakespeare in his Elysium and Tartarus or the State of Final Retribution; [img] he is seated in the back row at the centre of the picture, second person to the left of Homer who is holding a lyre.}
  • Pausainass Greese 3 vols - Russia backs
    Pausanias. The Description of Greece: translated ... with notes, etc. 3 vols. London: 1794. [£1 19s, with Potter's Antiquities 2 v. and History of the Heavens, 2 v.]
    {Translation by Thomas Taylor (Note in British Library catalogue). Text available at Google Books. [go] }
  • Plummers Cuts to the Bible
    {Not identified; probably a collection of prints. 'Plummer' may refer to the London bookseller and publisher, J. Plummer at The Rising Sun, 100 Fenchurch Street.}
  • Webb on Painting & Poetry
    Webb, Daniel. Remarks on the Beauties of Poetry. [With “An Inquiry into the Beauties of Painting”.] 2 pts. Dublin: 1764. [£2 7s, with Richardson's Works. Ditto on Painting. Da Vinci on Painting. Dolce on Painting]
    {' The half-title reads “Webb on the Beauties of Poetry and Painting”' (Note in the British Library Catalogue); this was an unusual edition, published by Edmund Burke's friend, Sarah Cotter. [go] }
  • Johnson's Dictionary 2 Vols -
    Johnson, Samuel. A dictionary of the English language. To which are prefixed, a history of the language, and an English grammar. 2 vols. London: 1755. [£2.2s, with Mallet's Northern Antiquities, 2 v. and 8 others]
    {Barry did a portrait of Dr. Johnson. [img]}
  • Doyne's Tasso - 2 Vols
    Tasso, Torquato. The delivery of Jerusalem, an heroick poem. Trans. into blank verse, P. Doyne. To which is added, The life of Tasso [by Mr. Layng] and an essay on the Gerusalemme liberata. 2 vols. Dublin: 1761. [17s, with Penn's Works, 2 v, Pott's Works, 3 v. and 6 others] .
  • Guthrie's Grammer -
    Guthrie, William. A new geographical, historical and commercial grammar: and present state of the several kingdoms of the world ... with a table of the coins of all nations, and their value in English money ... illustrated with a new and correct set of maps, engraved by Mr. Kitchin. London: 1770. [18s, with Schrevellii Lexicon, New Dispensatory and 16 others]
    {The book was regularly republished: the new improved 5th edition cost 7s in 1779 (Morning Post and Daily Advertiser, 26 July, 1779).}
  • Transactions of the Society of Arts 22 Vols
    Transactions of the Society, Instituted at London, for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce. London: 1783 - [go] [£4]
  • Mallets Northern Antiquities
    Mallet, Paul Henri. Northern antiquities, or, A description of the manners, customs, religion and laws of the ancient Danes: including those of our own Saxon ancestors: with a translation of the Edda, or system of runic mythology and other pieces from the ancient Icelandic tongue translated from L'introduction à l'histoire de Dannemarc, &c. par Mallet. 2 vols. London: 1770. [£2 2s, with Johnson's Dictionary, 2 v, and 8 others]
    {Text available at Internet Archive. [go] }
  • Florus Lexicon
    Florus, Lucius Annaeus.

    {No such Lexicon has been identified. This possibly refers to a work such as, Sterling, John. L. Annæi Flori rerum Romanarum epitome. Or, an abridgment of the Roman history by L. Annæus Florus. With the following improvements, viz. I. The words of the author are placed in their grammatical order, in the lower part of the page. ... IV. An alphabetical vocabulary of the words in the author, ... V. The themes of the verbs, ... For the use of schools. London: 1738.}
  • [illegible]ayets Dictionary [img]
    {What looks like a capital 'D' or 'P' appears amended to possibly 'Dr' or 'Pr'; no such author or dictionary has been identified.}
  • Biographia Philosophia
    Martin, Benjamin. Biographia philosophica, an account of the most eminent philosophers and mathematicians. London: 1764.
  • Opere Publiche de Veneziani Maestri
    Zanetti, Antonio Maria. Della pittura veneziana e delle opere pubbliche de' veneziani maestri. Venice: 1771.
    {Text available at Google Books. [go] }
  • Duboss Works 3 Vols -
    Dubos, Jean-Baptiste. Critical reflections on poetry, painting and music. With an inquiry into the rise and progress of the theatrical entertainments of the ancients. Written in French by the Abbé Du Bos, ... Translated into English by Thomas Nugent, gent. From the fifth edition revised, corrected, and inlarged by the author. 3 vols. London: 1748. [go] [£2 18s, with Handmaid of the Arts, 2 v. and Dufrenoy's Chronological Tables, 2 v.]
  • Edingburgh New Dispensatory
    Lewis, William. The Edinburgh new dispensatory: containing I. The elements of pharmaceutical chemistry. ... III. The pharmaceutical preparations and medicinal compositions of the new editions of the London (1788) and Edinburgh (1783) Pharmacopœias; ... Being an improvement upon the New dispensatory of Dr Lewis. 2nd edn. London: 1789.
  • Life of Plato
    Macfait, Ebenezer. Remarks on the life and writings of Plato. With answers to the principal objections against him; and a general view of his dialogues. Edinburgh: 1760
    {No 'Life of Plato' has been found: this one volume work seems closer to the short-title than the other frequently published edition of Plato: Dacier, André. The works of Plato abridg'd. With an account of his life, philosophy, morals, and politicks. Together with a translation of his choicest dialogues, viz. of 1. Human Nature, 2. Prayer, 3. Wisdom, 4. Holiness, 5. What one ought to do. 6. Immortality of the Soul, 7. Valour. 8. Philosophy... Illustrated with notes... Translated from the French. 2 vols. London: 1701.}
  • Potts Works 3 Vols
    Pott, Percivall. The chirurgical works of Percivall Pott, F.R.S. and surgeon to St. Bartholomew's Hospital. Revised edn., 3 vols. London: 1790. [17s, with Penn's Works, 2 v., Doyne's Tasso, 2 v. and 6 others]
    {A later edn. (1808) is available at Google Books. [go] }
  • Handmaid to the Arts 2 Vols -
    Dossie, Robert. The handmaid to the arts. 2nd edn., with additions, 2 vols. London:1764. [£2 18s, with Du Bos on Poetry and Painting, 3 v. and Dufrenoy's Chronological Tables, 2 v.]
    {Text of the first edition (1758) available at Internet Archive. [go] }
  • Gellert's Metallurgic Chemistry
    Gellert, Christlieb Ehregott. Metallurgic chymistry. Being a system of mineralogy in general, and of all the arts arising from this science. To the great Improvement of Manufactures, And the most capital Branches of Trade and Commerce. Theoretical and Practical. In two parts. Translated from the original German of C. E. Gellert, by I. S. With plates. London:1776.
  • Arbuthnot on Aliments -
    Arbuthnot, John. An essay concerning the nature of aliments and the choice of them, according to different constitutions of human bodies: in which, the different effects, advantages and disadvantages of animal and vegetable diet are explain'd. London: 1731.
  • Glaubers Philosophical furnances
    Glauber, Johann Rudolf . A description of new philosophical furnaces, or, A new art of distilling divided into five parts: whereunto is added a description of the Tincture of gold or The true aurum potabile: also the first part of the Mineral work, set forth and published for the sakes of them that are studious of the truth. London: 1651-52.
  • Belsham's Life of George the 3rd - 3 Vols -
    {This title has not been identified; the book may be another copy of Belsham's Memoirs of the reign of George III.}
  • Peter Pindar's Works - 3 Vols -
    Pindar, Peter. The works of Peter Pindar, Esqr. 3 vols. London: 1794. [ £1.11.6d with Stockdale's Shakespeare]
  • Laws Theory of Religion -
    Law, Edmund. Considerations on the theory of religion: In three parts. I. Want of universality in natural and revealed religion, no just objection against either. II.The scheme of divine providence with regard to the time and manner of the several dispensations of revealed religion, more especially the Christian. III. The progress of natural religion and science, or the continual improvement of the world in general. 3rd. edition, corrected and enlarged. Cambridge: 1755 [15s, with Survey of Ireland and 4 others]
  • Queen Elizabeths Latin Prayer Book
  • Bible with Cutts -
  • Walkers Sermons 2 Vols -
    Walker, Robert. Sermons on practical subjects. 2 vols. Edinburgh: 1775. [£1 9s, with Lowth's Lectures, 2 v, Le Pluche on the Gospel, 2 v. and Vertot's Roman Republic, 2 v.]
  • Hebrew Antiquities 3 Vols -
    Lewis, Thomas. Origines Hebrææ: the antiquities of the Hebrew republick. In four books. I. The origin of the Hebrews; their civil government; the constitution of the Sanhedrim; forms of trial in courts of justice, &c. II. The ecclesiastical government; the consecration of the high-priests, priests, and levites. The revenue of the priesthood. The sects among the Hebrews, Pharisees, Sadduces, Essenes, &c. III. Places of worship. The use of high-places; a survey of the tabernacle, and the Proseucha's of the Hebrews. A description of the first temple from the scriptures, and of the second from the Rabbinical writings. The sacred utensils. The institution of the synagogues, &c. IV. The religion of the Hebrews. Their sacrifices; and their libations. The burning of the red heifer, and ceremonies of purification. Their sacraments, publick fasts and festivals, &c. Design'd as an explanation of every branch of the Levitical law, and of all the ceremonies and usages of the Hebrews, both civil and sacred. 2 vols. London: 1724; 2 vols. London: 1725.
    {Text available at Google Books. [go] A three volume edition has not been found.}
  • Life of Sir T. Moore
    More, Cresacre. The life of Sir Thomas More, Kt. Lord High Chancellour of England under K. Henry the Eighth, And His Majesty's Embassadour to the Courts of France and Germany. By his great grandson, Thomas More, Esq. London: 1726. [£2, with Life of Grotius, and 8 other Lives]
    {Alternatively, the inventory title may refer to Ferdinando Warner's translation of: Memoirs of the life of Sir Thomas More, Lord High Chancellor of England, In the Reign of Henry Viii. To which is added, His History of Utopia, Translated into English; Describing the most perfect State of a Common-Wealth, In the Manners, Religion, and Polity, of that Island: With Notes... London: 1758. [go] }
  • Belshams Memoirs of Geoge the 3rd - 4 Vols
    Belsham, Wlliam. Memoirs of the reign of George III. to the session of Parliament ending A.D. 1793. 4 vols. London:1795. [£1 16s, with Harris's Works, 3 vols.]
  • Life of Grotius
    de Burigny, Jean Lévesque. The life of the truly eminent and learned Hugo Grotius. Containing A Copious and Circumstantial History of the several Important and Honourable Negotiations In which he was employed; together with a critical account of his works. Written originally in French. By M. de Burigny. London: 1754. [go] [£2, with Life of Sir Thomas More, and 8 other Lives]
    {Full text available at Gallica bibliothèque numérique. [go] }
  • Clarke on the Attributts -
    Clarke, Samuel. A Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of God. London: 1705.
  • OlearysTracts
    O'Leary, Arthur. Miscellaneous tracts: by the Rev. Arthur O'Leary. Containing, I. A defence of the divinity of Christ, ... VI. Essay on toleration: ... In which are introduced, the Rev. John Wesley's letter, and the defence of the Protestant Associations. Dublin: 1781. [go]
  • Potters Antiquities 2 Vols -
    Potter, John. Archæologia Græca: or, The antiquities of Greece. 6th edn., with plates, 2 vols. London: 1740. [£1 19s, with Pausanias' Greece, 3 vols. and History of the Heavens, 2 vols.]
    {Text available at Google Books. [go] }
  • 56 Various
  • Plutarch's Morals 5 Vols
    Plutarch. Plutarch's Morals. Translated from the Greek by several hands. 5th edn. revised, 5 vols. London: 1718. [go]
  • Essay on the Antiquity of the Irish Language
    Vallancey, Charles. An essay on the antiquity of the Irish language: Being a collation of the Irish with the Punic language. With a preface proving Ireland to be the Thule of the Ancients. Addressed to the literati of Europe. To which is added, a correction of the mistakes of Mr. Lhwyd in reading the ancient Irish manuscript lives of the Patriarchs. Also, the mistakes committed by Mr. Baretti in his collation of the Irish with the Biscayan language (quoted in his late publications) exposed and corrected. Dublin: 1772. [go]
  • Abbé Pluche's History of the Heavens -
    Pluche, Abbé Noël Antoine. The history of the heavens, considered according to the notions of the poets and philosophers, compared with the doctrines of Moses. Translated from the French of the Abbé Pluche, ... By J. B. de Freval, Esq; ...2 vols., 24 plates. London: 1740. [£1 19s, with Pausanias' Greece, 3 v. and Potter's Antiquities, 2 v.]
  • Truth of the Gospels 2 Vols - /Le Pluche/-
    Pluche, Abbé Noël Antoine. The truth of the Gospel demonstrated from the dispensations of providence preparative to it particularly from prophecy. 2 vols. London: 1751. [£1 9s, with Walker's Sermons, 2 v., Lowth's Lectures, 2 v. and Vertot's Roman Republic, 2 v.]
  • Diodore de Sicile par Trosson
    Diodorus. Histoire universelle de Diodore de Sicile. Trans. M. l'abbé Terrasson. 4 vols. Paris: 1737-1744.
    {Full text available at Internet Archive. [go] }
  • Kennets Antiquities 4 Vols -
    Kennett, Basil. Romae Antiquae Notitia, or the Antiquities of Rome. . . .To which are prefixed two Essays concerning the Roman Learning and the Roman Education. With plates. London: 1696.
    {The work was first published in 1696; an edition in four volumes has not been traced. Text of the 1784 edn. available at Google Books. [go] }
  • Hampton's Polybius 2 Vols -
    Polybius. The general history of Polybius [books 1-5]. Trans. James Hampton. 2nd edn., 2 vols. London: 1761. [16s, with Homer's Iliad by Ozell, 5 v., Thucydides, 2 v., Spirit of the Laws, 2 v. and 6 others]
  • Tableau d'Homere
    Caylus, Anne Claude Philippe de Pestels de Lévis de Tubières-Grimoard, comte de. Tableaux tirés de l'Iliade, de l'Odyssée d'Homère et de l'Enéide de Virgile, avec des observations sur le costume. Paris: 1757. {Full text available at Gallica bibliothèque numérique. [go] }
  • Spirit of Laws 2 Vols -
    Montesquieu, Charles de Secondat, baron de. The spirit of laws. Translated from the French of M. de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu. With corrections and additions communicated by the author. ... 2 vols. Dublin: 1751. [go] [16s, with Homer's Iliad by Ozell, 5 v., Polybius by Hampton, 2 v., Thucydides, 2 v. and 6 others]
  • Sewards Anecdotes 3 Vols Boards -
    Seward, William. Anecdotes of some distinguished persons, chiefly of the present and two preceding centuries. Adorned with sculptures. 2nd edn., 3 vols. London: 1795. [£1, with Amours de Catulle, 4 v., Omero, 2 v., Pope's Poems, 2 v. and Encyclopedie des Dieux, 2 v]
    {A fourth volume was published in 1796.}
  • Blackstone's Commentaries 4 Vols. 1715 -
    Blackstone, William. Commentaries on the laws of England. 7th edn., 4 vols. Oxford: 1775. [£1 3s, with 16 others]
    {The date given here appears to be a mistake for 1775, since the first edition of the Commentaries was published in 1765-69. [go] }

    Folio [img]

  • Vesalius de Humané corporis fabricas Basil 1542
    Vesalius, Andreas. Andreae Vesalii Bruxellensis, scholae medicorum Patauinae professoris, De humani corporis fabrica libri septem. Basle: 1543.[£1 7s., with Dictionnaire de Richelet, 3 tom., and German Bible, wood cuts].
    { Barry's copy was a first edition: the inventory date of 1542 appears an error for 1543.}
  • Philostate
    Philostratus. Les Images, ou Tableaux de platte peinture des deux Philostrates,...et les Statues de Callistrate, mis en françois par Blaise de Vigenère,... enrichis d'arguments et annotations, reveus et corrigez sur l'original par un docte personnage de ce temps en la langue grecque... Paris: 1637. [£2, with Stanley's Philosophers and 3 others]
    {The 1597 edition is available at Gallica bibliothèque numérique. [go] }
  • Aesop's Fables - Agleby's Plates
    Aesop. The fables of Æsop: In two volumes. Paraphras'd in verse, adorn'd with 160 copper sculptures, and illustrated with annotations by John Ogilby, Esq... 3rd. edn., 2 vols. London: 1675.
    {No single volume folio edition with Ogilby's illustrations has been found. [go] }
  • Stanley's Lives of the Philosophers with the Portraits
    Stanley, Thomas. The history of philosophy: containing the lives, opinions, actions and discourses of the philosophers of every sect. Illustrated with the effigies of divers of them. 2nd edn. London: 1687. [£2, with Tableaux de Philostrate and 3 others]
  • Artes et Metiers - Paris 1761
    Descriptions des Arts et Métiers, faites ou approuvées par Messieurs de l'Académie Royale des Sciences. Paris: 1761.[£2 12s 6d, with Pozzo's Perspective]
  • Dictionnaire de Richeld 3 Vols -
    Richelet, César Pierre. Dictionnaire de la langue françoise, ancienne et moderne. 3 vols. Lyon: 1759. 3 vols. Lyon: 1759. [£1 7s, with German Bible, wood cuts, and Vasalii Anatomia]
    {Text of the 2 vol. edn. (Amsterdam: 1732) available at Gallica bibliothèque numérique. [go] }
  • Holy Bible - imperfect -
  • Paradise Lost
    Milton, John. Paradise Lost ... The Fourth edition, adorned with Sculptures. London: 1688.
    {The only clue to an edition here is the size - folio; although early editions of Milton's poem were published in folio, such editions were not common during the eighteenth century. For this reason, it seems likely that this entry refers to a copy from the late seventeenth century. The book cited here was issued as part of Milton's poetical works; it was printed for Jacob Tonson (1655-1736), bookseller and publisher.}
  • German Bible with curious old cuts printed at Zurich 1556 -
    Bibel teütsch der ursprünglichen hebreischen und griechischen Warheit nach auffs treüwlichest verdolmetschet. Was über die nächst aussgegangnen Edition weyters hinzü kommen sye/ wirt in nachvolgender Vorred gnügsam begriffenn. Illustrations. Zurich: 1556. [£1 7s, with Dictionnaire de Richelet, 3 tom. and Vasalii Anatomia]
    {Probably the Bible printed in Zurich by Christoph Froschauer (c.1490-1564); this was frequently reprinted, and contained over 200 illustrations}
  • Pozzo's Perspective with Plates very Neat -
    Pozzo, Andrea. Rules and examples of perspective proper for painters and architects, etc. In Engl. and Lat. Engr. by J. Sturt. Done into Engl. by J. James. With plates. London: 1707. [go] [£2 12s 6d, with Arts et Metiers]
  • Raphael's Bible good impressions
    Chapron, Nicolas. Sacræ historiæ acta a Raphaele Vobin in Vaticanis xystis ad picturæ miraculum expressa Nicolaus Chapron ... 52 plates. Rome:1649. [£3 10s, with Ulysses by Van Tulden]
  • History of Ulysse by Van Tulden
    Van Tulden, Théodore. Les travaux d'Ulysse/ desseignés par le sieur de Saint Martin, de la façon qu'ils se voyent dans la maison royalle de Fontainebleau; peints par le sieur Nicolas, et gravez en cuivre par Théodore Van-Tulden. 3rd edn. Paris:1633. [£3 10s, with Raphael's Bible by Chapron]
    {This folio volume is in the Bibliothèque nationale francaise); no English edition has been traced. }
  • Discours academique par Te[illegible] [img]
  • Farnese Galeria very good impressions
    Cesio, Carlo. Argomento della Galeria Farnese, dipinta da Annibale Caracci, disegnata et intagliata da Carlo Cesio... Galeria nel palazzo Farnese in Roma... Plates. Rome: 1657.
    {This might be a guide-book to the Farnese Gallery with illustrations; given Barry's admiration for Annibale Caracci and the mention here of 'good impressions', the folio volume given here might be the book referred to. Barry spent some time working in the Farnese while in Rome. [go] }
  • Turnbull on ancient Painting a Neat Copy -
    Turnbull, George. A curious collection of ancient paintings, accurately engraved from excellent drawings, lately done after the originals, by one of the best hands at Rome. With an account where and when they were found, and where they now are; and several critical, historical, and mythological observations upon them. London: 1744. [£2 12s 6d]
  • Vita di Michael Agnola dal ascanio Condina
    Condivi, Ascanio. Vita di Michelagnolo Buonarroti. Firenze: 1746.
  • Diodorus Siculus
    Diodorus Siculus. The historical library of Diodorus the Sicilian. In fifteen books. Containing the antiquities of Eqypt, Asia, Africa, Greece, the islands, and Europe. Also an historical account of the affairs of the Persians, Grecians, Macedonians, and other parts of the world. To which are added the fragments of Diodorus that are found in the Bibliotheca of Photius: Together With those Publish'd by H. Valesius, L. Rhodomannus, and F. Ursinus. Made English, by G. Booth, Esq. London: 1721.
  • Architecttura di Palladio. Ven. 1616 -
    Palladio, Andrea. L'architettura di Andrea Palladio: diuisa in quattro libri: ne' quali, dopò vn breue trattato de' cinque ordini, et di quelli auertimenti, ch[e] sono più necessarij nel fabricare; si tratta delle case priuate, delle vie, de i ponti, delle piazze,.. . Venice: 1616. [£2 5s, with 4 others]
  • Philostratus -
    Philostratus. Τα των Φιλοστρατων λειπομενα ἁπαντα. Philostratorum quæ supersunt omnia ... Accessere Apollonii Tyanensis Epistolæ, Eusebii liber adversus Hieroclem, Callistrati descript. statuarum. Omnia ... recensuit, notis ... illustravit, versionem totam fere novam fecit G. Olearius. Gr. and Lat. Illustrated. Leipzig: 1709.
  • Lecǒns de perspective
    Androuet du Cerceau, Jacques. Leçons de perspective positive. With plates. Paris: 1576; reprinted, 1676.
  • Sandys Travels -
    Sandys, George. Sandys travels, containing an history of the original and present state of the Turkish Empire: their laws, government, policy, military force, courts of justice, and commerce: The Mahometan religion and ceremonies: a description of Constantinople, the Grand Signior's seraglio, and his manner of living: also, of Greece, with the religion and customes of the Grecians. Of Ægypt; the antiquity, hieroglyphicks, rites customes, discipline, and religion of the Ægyptians. A voyage on the River Nylus: ... the former flourishing and present state of Alexandria. A description of the Holy-Land; of the Jews, and several sects of Christians living there; of Jerusalem, sepulchre of Christ, Temple of Solomon; and what else either of antiquity, or worth observation. Lastly, Italy described, and the islands adjoyning; ... .Illustrated with fifty graven maps and figures. Plates, maps, plans, 6th edn. London: 1670.
  • Pline sur la Peinture
    Pliny the Elder. Histoire de la peinture ancienne, extraite de l'hist. naturelle de Pline, liv. XXXV. Avec le texte Latin, corrigé sur les Mss. de Vossius & sur la I. ed. de Venise, & éclairci par des remarques nouvelles. London: 1725. [go]

    Quarto [img]

  • Miss Brooks reliques of Irish Poetry
    Brooke, Charlotte. Reliques of Irish poetry: consisting of heroic poems, odes, elegies, and songs, translated into English verse: with notes explanatory and historical; and the originals in the Irish character. To which is subjoined an Irish tale. By Miss Brooke. Dublin: 1789.
  • Esiado da P. Brazuolo
    Brazuolo, Paulo, ed. Di Esiodo [Hesiod], traduzione presentata a S. E. ser Giovanni Donado... da Paolo Brazuolo-Milizia di Pietro. Padua: 1765. [go]
  • Milizia di Pieto - Padova 1765
    Hesiod. Erga kai emerai di Esiodo traduzione presentata a S.E. Ser Giovanni Donado veneto senatore ... da Paolo Brazuolo Milizia di Pietro. Padua: 1765.
    {This appears very similar to the previous copy of Hesiod; it is a separate entry on the inventory.}
  • Conncile de Constance
    Lenfont, Jacques. Histoire du Concile de Constance...2 vols. in one quarto volume. Amsterdam: 1715. {This quarto volume was reprinted as one of the standard histories of the Council, and thus may be the book referred to.}
  • Pilkingtons Dictionary of Painters by Barry in Boards
    Pilkington, Matthew. The gentleman's and connoisseur's dictionary of painters. Containing a complete collection, and account, of the most distinguished artists, who have flourished in the art of painting, ... Extracted from the most authentic writers ... To which are added, two catalogues: the one, a catalogue of the disciples of the most famous masters, ... the other, a catalogue of those painters who imitated the works of the eminent masters so exactly, as to have their copies frequently mistaken for originals. ... By the Rev. M. Pilkington. London: 1798. [£1 14s]
    {'A new edition. To which is added, a supplement: .. by James Barry' (Note in the catalogue of the Bodleian library). [go] }
  • Republique de Platon par de la Pillonierre
    Plato. La Republique de Platon; ou du juste, et de l'injuste. Traduit, par Mr. de La Pillonniere. London: 1726. [go]
  • Historia Venetiana di Paruta -
    Peruta, Paulo. Historia vinetiana. Venice: 1645.
  • Shaws Chemistry 2 Vols -
    Shaw, Peter. A new method of chemistry; including the history, theory, and practice of the art: translated from the original Latin of Dr. Boerhaave's Elementa chemiæ, as published by himself. To which are added, notes; and an appendix, shewing the necessity and utility of enlarging the bounds of chemistry. With sculptures... With plates, 2nd edn., 2 vols. London: 1741.
  • Art de la Verrerie -
    Either (1), de Balncourt, Haudicquer. L'art de la verrerie: où l'on apprend à faire le verre, le cristal, & l'email: la maniere de faire les perles, les pierres précieuses, la porcelaine, & les miroirs : la méthode de peindre sur le verre & en email: de tirer la couleur des métaux, mineraux, herbes & fleurs. Paris: 1718.
    Or (2), Neri, Antonio. Art de la verrerie de Neri, Merret, et Kunckel, auquel on a ajouté le "Sol sine veste" d'Orschall ; l'"Helioscopium videndi sine veste solem chymicum"; le "Sol non sine veste", le chapitre XI du "Flora saturnizans" de Henckel, sur la vitrification des végétaux ; un mémoire sur la manière de faire le saffre ; le secret des vraies porcelaines de la Chine & de Saxe. Ouvrages où l'on trouvera la manière de faire le verre &le crystal, d'y porter des couleurs, d'imiter les pierres prétieuses, de préparer & colorer les émaux, de faire la potasse, de peindre sur le verre, de préparer des vernis, de composer des couvertes pour les fayances & poteries, d'extraire la couleur pourpre de l'or, de contrefaire les rubis, de faire le saffre, de faire & peindre les porcelaines, etc., traduits de l'allemand par M. D***. Paris: 1752. [£1 13s, with Traite sur la Peinture, and 2 others]
  • Prosodia Rationalis -
    Steele, Joshua. Prosodia rationalis: or, An essay towards establishing the melody and measure of speech, to be expressed and perpetuated by peculiar symbols. London: 1779.
  • Helvetius's Essays in boards -
    Helvetius, Claude Adrien. De l'esprit: or, Essays on the mind, and its several faculties...Translated from the edition printed under the author's inspection. London: 1759. [go]
  • Encyclopedia Brittanica - Boards - vols 4th part 2nd - & Vol. 7th part 2nd. [£1 9s, with 7 others]
  • Robertsons Greek Thesarurus
    Robertson, William. Thesaurus Græcæ linguæ, in epitomen, sive compendium redactus. Cambridge: 1676.
  • Pilkingtons Dictionary of Painters by Barry - 2 Vols interleaved - [£2 17s]
    {A two volume edition, if that is what is meant, has not been found.}
  • Dr King's Essay on the Origin of Evil
    King, William. An essay on the origin of evil. By Dr. William King, ... Translated from the Latin, with large notes; ... To which is prefix'd a dissertation concerning ... virtue. ... With some account of the origin of the passions and affections. London: 1731. [£1 2s, with 14 others]
  • Guicciardini Historia d'Italia 2 Vols - Geneva 1636.
    Guicciardini, Francesco. La historia d'Italia, di M. Francesco Guicciardini gentil'huomo Fiorentino: Con le postille in margine delle cose notabili... 2 vols. Geneva: 1636.[13s, with Istoria del Concilio di Trento, 3 tom. and 3 others]
  • Bacons Works a Neat Copy..1778
    Bacon, Francis. The works of Francis Bacon Baron of Verulam, Viscount of St. Alban, and Lord Chancellor of England. 5 vols. London: 1778. [£4 10s]
    {Barry copied passages from Bacon into his Commonplace Book, which is in the Special Collections of the Library at the University of Cork, Ireland. [go] }
  • Taylors P[illegible] [img] 2 Vols - Boards -
    {This may be a work by BrookTaylor (1685-1731) whose work on perspective (see below) went into several editions in different formats and sizes, and under different titles.}
  • Darwins Zoonomia 2 Vols - Boards -:
    Darwin, Erasmus. Zoonomia; or, the laws of organic life. Illustrations, 2 vols. London: 1794-96. [£2 2s, with Botanic Garden]
  • Burney's History of Music Vols 1 & 2 -
    Burney, Charles. A general history of music, from the earliest ages to the present period. To which is prefixed, A dissertation on the music of the ancients. 4 vols. London: 1766-82.
  • Goodwins Political Justice - 2 Vols boards -
    Godwin, William. An enquiry concerning political justice, and its influence on general virtue and happiness. 2 vols. London: 1793. [go] [17s, with Shaw's Chemistry, 2 v.]
  • Historia di Coniclio Tridentino -
    Sarpi, Paulo. Historia del Concilio tridentino. Geneva: 1629.
  • Platina vitae Pontificum with heads -
    Platina, Bartholomew. B. Platinae Historia de vitis pontificum Romanorum, à D. N. Iesu Christo usque ad Paulum Papam II: Longè quàm antea emendatior; cui Onuphrii Panuinii ... opera, reliquorum quoque pontificum uitæ usque ad Pium IIII. pontificem maximum adiunctæ sunt. Venice: 1562.
  • Histoires des Incas 2 Vols -
    de la Vega, Garcilaso. Histoire des Incas, rois du Pérou, nouvellement traduite de l'espagnol de Garcillasso de La Vega, et mise dans un meilleur ordre ; avec des notes et des additions sur l'histoire naturelle de ce pays (par T.-F. Dalibard). 2 vols. Paris: 1744. [go] [15s, with 8 others]
  • Politique d'Aristotle -
    Aristotle. La politique d'Aristote...Par le Citoyen Champagne. Paris: 1797.
    {This is but one of many French editions of Aristotle's Politics. [go] }
  • Istoria del Concilio Trento 3 parts
    Pallavicino, Sforza. Istoria del Concilio di Trento scritta del Padre Sforza Pallavicino della Compagna di Gesu ... Oue insieme rifuitasi con autoreuoli testimonianze vn'istoria falsa diuolgata nello stesso argomento sotto nome di Pietro Soaue Polano. Nuouamente ritoccata dall'autore... 3 vols. Rome: 1664. [13s, with Guicciardini Historia d'Italia, 2 tom and 3 others]
  • Archittetettura di Vitruvie - Ven - 1629 -
    Vitruvius Pollio, Marcus. I Dieci libri dell'Architettura di M. Vitruvio, tradotti et commentati da Monsig. Daniel Barbaro,... Venice: 1629. [go]
  • Articleta Italiche 2 Vols - Milano 1788
    Carli, Giovanni Rinaldo. Delle antichità italiche. Plates, 2 vols. Milan: 1788-1791.
  • Le Vite di piu celebri architetti da Francesco. Miliuzi - Boulongne 1768
    Milizia, Francesco. Le Vite de' più celebri architetti d'ogni nazione e d'ogni tempo, precedute da un Saggio sopra l'architettura. Roma: 1768. [£6 15s, with Lettere sulla Pittura 3 tom.]
    {This 1768 edition was published in Rome, not Bologna.}
  • Dizionaris di Altieri 2 Vols -
    Altieri, Ferdinando. Dizionario italiano ed inglese, a dictionary Italian and English... 2 vols. Venice: 1751.
  • Encyclopedie Methodique Vols 2 & 4 -
    Gaillard, Gabriel-Henri. Encyclopédie méthodique. 6 vols. Paris: 1784-1804.
    {Several books published in Paris carried this brief title, but not many went to more than two volumes. Another possibility is, Lacombe, Jacques. Encyclopédie méthodique. Arts et métiers mécaniques. 8 vols. Paris: 1783-91.}
  • Principes de l'Architecture
    Félibien, André. Des Principes de l'architecture, de la sculpture, de la peinture et des autres arts qui en dépendent, avec un dictionnaire des termes propres à chacun de ces arts. Paris: 1690.
    {Text of the 1676 edn. available at Gallica bibliothèque numérique. [go] }
  • Du Graz sur la Peinture -
    Du Puy du Grez, Bernard. Traité sur la Peinture, pour en apprendre la téorie et se perfectionner dans la pratique. Toulouse: 1699. [£1. 13s, with Art de la Verrerie, and 2 others].
    {Full text available at Gallica bibliothèque numérique. [go] }
  • Lo. Mazzo della Pittura -
    Lomazzo, Giovanni Paolo. Idea del tempio della pittura, di G. P. Lomazzo. Nella quale egli discorre dell' origine, et fondamento delle cose contenute nel suo trattato dell' arte della pittura. Milan: 1590. [go] [£3, with Orlandi Abecedario Pittorico and 7 others on the fine Arts in Italian]
  • Il Microcosmo della Pittura conference de l'Academie Royale de la Peinture et de Sculpture 1667 -
    {The reference is not clear; possibly: Scannelli, Francesco. Il microcosmo della pittura. Cesena: 1657. The only reference found to this kind of conference at the Académie Royale about this time is, Conférence de l'Académie royale de peinture et sculpture par Félibien. Paris: 1669. Further on these conferences, see Alain Mérot, Les conférences de l'Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture au XVIIe siècle, Paris: 1996. }
  • Malvasia vite de Pittori Bolognese 2 Vols -
    Malvasia, Calo Cesare. Felsina Pittrice: vite de' pittori bolognesi. 2 vols. Rome: 1769. [£2 6s, with Vasari Vite dei Pittori, 3 tom.]
  • Illustrium imagines ex antiquis Marmoribus Gallaei -
    Gallaei, Theod. Illustrium imagines ex antiquis marmoribus nomismatib. et gemmis expressæ quæ extant Romae, maior pars apud Fuluium Vrsinum. Antwerp: 1598.
  • Vite di Pittori de Bellori -
    Bellori, Giovanni Petro. Le vite de' pittori, scultori et architetti moderni, scritte da Gio: Pietro Bellori parte prima... Rome: 1672. [£4, with Ridolfi Vite de' Pittori, 2 tom. and Baglione Vite dei Pittori]
  • Memoire del Intagliotori Mader[illegible] [img] -
    {The illegible word 'Mader' might be the name of the architect Carlo Maderno (1556-1619), noted for his work on St Peter's Basilica in Rome; see his Prospetto della Basilica Vaticana architettura di Carlo Maderno Alessandro Specchi Architetto misuro, disegno, e intaglio. Rome: 1705.}
  • Baldinucchi Notizie de professori del Diseque di cimabue in qua -
    Baldinucci, Filippo. Notizie de' professori del disegno da Cimabue... 6 vols. Florence: 1681-1728.
  • Discours au l'Academie -
    Rousseau, Jean-Jacques. Discours qui a remporté le prix a l'Academie de Dijon, en l'année 1750: Sur cette question proposée par la même académie: si le rétablissement des sciences & des arts a contribué à épurer les mœurs par un citoyen de Genève. London: 1751.
    {Rousseau's text is the nearest approximation to this brief title, but this is no more than a possibility.}
  • Bromley's His. of the fine Arts Vol.1n -
    Bromley, Robert Anthony. A philosophical and critical history of the fine arts, painting, sculpture, and architecture; with occasional observations on the progress of engraving, ... In four parts. 2 vols. London, 1793 (i). 1795 (ii).
  • Danet's Dictionary of Greek & Roman Antiquities
    Danet, Pierre. A complete dictionary of the Greek and Roman antiquities; explaining the obscure places in classic authors, and ancient historians, relating to the religion, mythology, history, geography and chronology of the ancient Greeks and Romans; their sacred and prophane rites and customs; laws, polity, arts and engines of war: also an account of their navigations, arts and sciences, and the inventors of them; with the lives and opinions of their philosophers. Compiled originally in French, at the command of the French King, for the use of the Dauphin, the Dukes of Burgundy, Anjou and Berry: by Monsieur Danet. Made English, with the addition of very useful maps. London:1700.
    {Text available at Google Books. [go] }
  • Historia Naturale di Plinio
    Historia naturale di G. Plinio Secondo: diuisa in trentasette libri. Tradotta per M. Lodouico Domenichi. Con le additioni in margine, nellequali [sic], ò vengono segnate le cose notabili, ò citati altri auttori, che della istessa materia habbiano scritto, ò dichiarati i luoghi difficili, ò posti i nomi di geografia moderni. Di nuouo ristampate, riuiste, & ricorrette. Con le sue tavole copiosissime di tutto quello, che nell'opera si contiene. Venice: 1603.
    {Barry's copy was an Italian quarto edition such as this, but that is all we know. [go] }
  • Iconologia di Ripa
    Ripa, Cesare. Iconologia del cavaliere Cesare Ripa; notabilmente accresciuta d'immagini, di annotazioni e di fatti dell'abate Cesare Orlandi ... 1611. 5 vols. Perugia: 1764-67.
  • Abecedario Pittorico
    Orlandi, Pellegrino Antonio. L'abecedario pittorico. Bologna: 1704. [£3, with Lomazzo della Pittura, and 7 others on the fine Arts in Italian]
  • Roma antica di Nardini -
    Nardini, Famiano. Roma antica, di Famiano Nardini... Edizione seconda. Rome: 1704.
  • Art of Painting
    de Lairesse, Gérard. The art of painting, in all its branches, methodically demonstrated by discourses and plates, and exemplified by remarks on the paintings of the best masters; ... By Gerard de Lairesse. Translated by John Frederick Fritsch, ... London: 1738. [£1 16s, with Raspe on Oli Painting and 2 others]
    {For Barry's possible interest in de Lairess in relation to his own picture Antiochus and Stratonice, see Barry to Duke of Richmond, 29 August, 1773, n.1 [go] }
  • Perspective de Desarque - 2 Vols -
    Desargue, Girard. La Perspective practique necessaire a tous peintres, sculpteurs, graveurs, architectes, orphevres, brodeurs, tapissiers, et autres se servans du dessein. Paris: 1642.
    {Text available at Gallica bibliothèque numérique. [go] }
  • Distionaire anatomique par Tarin -
    Tarin, Pierre. Dictionnaire anatomique suivi d’une Bibliothèque anatomique et physiologique. Paris: 1753.
  • Lettere sulla pittura Scultura ed architettura
    Raccolta di lettere sulla pittura, scultura ed architettura, scritte da'più celebri personaggi che in dette arti fiorirono dal secolo XV. al XVII. 3 vols. Rome: 1757-1759. [£6 15s, with Antichita Italiche, 2 tom.]
  • Vite de Pittori di Vassari 3 Vols -
    Vasari, Giorgio. Vite de' più eccellenti pittori, scultori e architetti scritte da Giorgio Vasari pittore e architetto Aretino corrette da molti errori e illustrate con note. With plates, portraits, 3 vols. Rome: 1759-60. [go] [£2 6s, with Felsina Vita dei Pittori, 2 tom.]
    {This was one of the very few 3 vol. editions in Italian published in the eighteenth century.}
  • Fourniers perspective with Plates
    Fournier, Daniel. A treatise of the theory and practice of perspective. Wherein the principles of that most useful art, ... are fully and clearly explained, by means of moveable schemes, properly adapted for that purpose. ... illustrated by a great variety of curious and instructing examples. With 39 plates. London: 1761. [£6 18s, with Jesuit's Perspective and 5 others on Architecture]
  • Hunters Lectures on Anatomy
    Hunter, William. Two introductory lectures, delivered by Dr. William Hunter, for his last course of anatomical lectures, at his theatre in Windmill-Street: as they were left corrected for the press by himself. To which are added, some papers relating to Dr. Hunter's intended plan, for establishing a museum in London, for the improvement of anatomy, surgery, and physic. London: 1784.
    {William Hunter (1718-83) was appointed Professor of Anatomy at the Royal Academy in 1768. [go] Barry did a portrait of Hunter, and included him in his painting The Distribution of Premiums in the Society of Arts. [img]}
  • Cornelio Tacito
  • Strutts Dictionary of Engravers - 2 Vols -
    Strutt, Joseph. A biographical dictionary; containing an historical account of all the engravers, from the earliest period of the art of engraving to the present time; and a short list of their most esteemed works. With the cyphers, monograms, and particular marks, used by each master, accurately copied from the originals, and properly explained. To which is prefixed, an essay on the rise and progress of the art of engraving, both on copper and on wood. With several curious specimens of the performances of the most ancient artists. With plates, 2 vols. London: 1785-1786. [£4 10s]
  • Vite di tuttigli imperadori Romani -
    Dolce, Lodovico. Vite di tutti gl' imperadori romani, tratte per Lodovico Dolce dal libro spagnuolo di Pietro Messia. Venice: 1597.
  • Opere di Macciavelli 1550 -
    Machiavelli, Niccolò. [go] Tutte le opere di Nicolo Machiavelli cittadino et secretario fiorentino divise in v. parti, et di nvovo con somma accvratezza ristampate. N.p., 1550.
    {This edition was celebrated for its false date; it was published in the seventeenth century, possibly in Switzerland. [go] }
  • Vite di Pittori da Gio. Baglioni -
    Baglioni, Giovanni. Le Vite de' pittori, scultori, architetti ed intagliatori, dal pontificato di Gregorio XIII, del 1572, sino a' tempi di Papa Urbano VIII nel 1642. Scritte da Gio. Baglione,... Con la vita di Salvator Rosa,... scritta da Gio. Battista Passari... Naples: 1743. [£4, with Ridolfi Vite de' Pittori, 2 tom. and Bellori Vite de' Pittori]
  • Scamozzi del arcitettura
    Scamozzi, Vincenzo. L'idea dell'Architettura Universale. Venice: 1615.
  • Storers Syllabus to a Course of optical Experiments -
    Storer, William. Storer's syllabus, to a course of optical experiments, on the Syllepsis Optica, or the new optical principles of the Royal Delineator analysed. London: 1782.
  • The Jesuit's Perspective.
    Dubreuil, Jean. The practice of perspective: or, an easy method of representing natural objects according to the rules of art. Applied and exemplified in all the variety of cases; ... The whole illustrated with one hundred and fifty copper-plates. Written in French by a Jesuit of Paris; since translated into German, by Ch. Rembold; and into English, by Rob. Pricke: and now, a second time, into the same language, by E. Chambers. London: 1749. [£6.18s, with Fournier's Perspective , and 5 others on Architecture].
    {I am grateful to John Paterson, Senior Bibliographer, OED, for locating this title.}
  • Diocichi Pittutra in Parnaso -
    Ciocchi, Giovanni Maria. La Pittura in Parnaso. Florence: 1725.
  • Architettura di Alberti
    Alberti, Leon Battista. L'Architettura di Leon Batista Alberti, tradotta in lingua fiorentina da Cosimo Bartoli... con la aggiunta de disegni. Florence: 1550.
  • Le Finezze di Pennelli Italiani
    Scaramuccia, Luigi Pellegrini. Le finezze de pennelli italiani, ammirate, e studiate da Girupeno sotto la scorta, e disciplina del genio di Raffaello d'Urbino. Pavia: 1674.
  • Lettera circa i corpi Marini de ag: Scilla
    Scilla, Agostino. La vana speculazione disingannata dal senso. Lettera risponsiva circa i corpi marini che petrificati si trovano in varii luoghi terrestri. Naples: 1670.
  • Origini di Padova di Lorenzo Pignoria 1625 -
    Lorenzo Pignoria. Le origini di Padoua... Padua: 1625.
  • Darwins Botanic Gardens - 2 Parts -
    Darwin, Erasmus. The botanic garden; a poem, in two parts. Part I. Containing The economy of vegetation. Part II. The loves of the plants. With philosophical notes, Illustrations. London: 1790-91. [£2 2s, with Zoonomia]
  • Miltons History of England
    Milton, John. The history of Britain, that part especially now call'd England, continu'd to the Norman conquest. Collected out of the antientest and best Authours thereof. London: 1670.
  • Sanson's Atlas
    Sanson, Nicolas. Either (1) Atlas nouveau, contenant toutes les parties du monde. Paris: 1696. Or, (2) Atlas antiquus, sacer, ecclesiasticus et profanus, collectus ex tabulis geographicis Nic. Sansonis, ejus filiorum, aliorumque geographorum. Tabulas ordine collocavit J. Clericus. Amsterdam: 1705.
  • Platina vite di pontifici -
    Platina, Bartholomew. Le vite de Pontefici di Bartolomeo Platina Cremonese: dal Salvator nostro fino a Paolo II. Accresciute con quell de'Papi Moderni da Sisto Quarto fino à Clemente X. Regnante, Da Onofrio Panvino, Giovanni Stringa, Antonio Cicarelli, Abraamo Bzovio, Antonio Bagatta benacense, E dal Cau. Girolamo Brvsoni. ... All'Eccellentiss. Sig. il Sig. Marc'Antonio Ferro Dottor dell'vna, e l'altera Legge, & Auuocato nei Veneti Tribunali Ecclesiastici. Venice: 1674.[17s, and 6 others]
  • Mantuarrio's figures of M. Angelo -
    Ghisi, Giorgio. Michael Angelus Bonarota Tuscorum Flos Delibatus Duarum Artium Pulcherrimaru' Humanæ Vitæ Vicariarum Picturæ Statuariæ Que Suo Penitus Sæculo Extinctaru' Alter Inventor Faciebat. Rome: c.1677. [£2 17s, with Religious Habits by Fialletti and 2 others]
    {Italian painter and engraver Giorgio Ghisi (c.1520-1582), also known as Georgius Mantuanus, was from Mantua. 'The publication is a reprint of Ghisi's ten irregularly-shaped plates reproducing Michelangelo's wall-painting of the Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican Palace' (Catalogue of rare books in the Royal Academy, London). I am grateful to the Royal Academy Archivist Mark Pomeroy for this information. [go] }
  • Architettura di Sibastiano Serlio -
    Serlio, Sebastiano. Tutte l'opere d'architettura et prospetiva di Sebastiano Serlio,... diviso in sette libri. Con indice copiosissimo... raccolto da M. Gio. Domenico Scamozzi,... Di nuovo ristampate... Venice: 1619.
  • Ridolphi vite de Pittori with Portraits -
    Ridolfi, Carlo. [go] Le maraviglie dell’ Arte ovvero, Le vite degli Illustri Pittori Veneti and dello Stato. With portraits. Venice: 1648. [£4, with Bellori Vite de' Pittori and Baglione Vite dei Pittori]
  • Boschini carta del nav - 2 parts
    Boschini, Marco. La Carta del navegar pitoresco, dialogo tra un senator venetian deletante e un professor de pitura, soto nome d'Ecelenza e de Compare... Venice: 1660. [go]

    French Octavo & Italian

  • Conseils de la Sagesse -
    Boutauld, Michel. Les Conseils de la sagesse, ou le Recueil des maximes de Salomon les plus nécessaires à l'homme pour se conduire sagement ...3rd edn. Paris: 1736.
    {No single volume in octavo has been found; the catalogue of the Bibliothèque de France notes of this duodecimo volume, '2 tomes en 1 vol.'; octavo editions were usually in 2 vols.}
  • Geographie par Hubner -
    Hübner, Johann. La Géographie universelle, où l'on donne une idée exacte des quatre parties du monde... par Jean Hubner,... Nouvelle édition... Basle: 1761.
  • Ceremonie de la Messe
  • Les Vies de Saint Peres - 2 Vols. -
    Arnauld d'Andilly, trans. Les vies des saints Pères des deserts, et de quelques saintes, escrites par des Peres de l'Eglise, & autres anciens auteurs ecclesiastiques. 2 vols. Paris: 1657.
  • L'aine dor d'apulée - with Cutts [img] -
    Apuleius. Les Métamorphoses, ou l'Ane d'or, d'Apulée,... et le Démon de Socrate, traduits en françois, avec des remarques, nouvelle édition. 2 vols. Paris: 1707. [go]
    {Text available at Google Books. [go] }
  • Secrets des Arts et Metiers -
    Secrets concernant les arts et metiers. Paris: 1716.
    {Reprinted a number of times, usually in two volumes; no author is given on the title page. [go] }
  • Chyme de Lemery 2 Vols -
    Lemery, Nicolas. Cours de chymie, contenant la manière de faire les opérations qui sont en usage dans la médecine par une méthode facile, avec des raisonnements sur chaque opération... 7th edn. Paris: 1690.
    {The book went through several further editions in the eighteenth century; no two volume edition in French has been found. The work was frequently translated into English.}
  • Art de la teinture par Bertholet 3 Vols -
    Berthollet, Claude Louis. Éléments de l'art de la teinture. 2 vols. Paris: 1791.[£1 2s, with 9 others]
    {Christie's catalogue gives a two volume edition. Full text available at Gallica bibliothèque numérique. [go] }
  • Dictionnaire de Chymise 2 Vols -
    Macquer, Pierre-Joseph. Dictionnaire de chymie, contenant la théorie et la pratique de cette science, son application à la physique, à l'histoire naturelle, à la médecine et aux arts dépendans de la chymie. 2 vols. Paris: 1766.
  • Pott. Examen Chymique des Pierres 2 Vols.
    Pott, Johann Heinrich. Lithogéognosie, ou Examen chymique des pierres et des terres en général et du talc, de la topaze et de la stéatite en particulier, avec une dissertation sur le feu et sur la lumière...Ouvrages traduits de l'allemand. Trans. Didier d' Arclais de Montamy. Paris: 1753.
    {No two volume edition has been found.}
  • Traite des Couleurs pour la peinture en email et sur la pourcelaine -
    Arclais de Montamy, Didier François d'. Traité des couleurs pour la peinture en émail et sur la porcelaine. Paris: 1765.
    {Text available. [go] }
  • Delavel Ricerche sperimentali sulle caglioni del camgiamento di colore né corpi opachi e colorati -
    Delaval, Edward Hussey. Ricerche sperimentali sulle cagioni del cangiamento di colore ne' corpi opachi, e colorati. Trans. from English by G.F. Fromond. Milan: 1779.
  • L'art de la Verrerie -
    Haudicquer de Blancourt, Jean. L'Art de la verrerie: ou L'art de la verrerie: où l'on apprend à faire le verre, le cristal, & l'email : la maniere de faire les perles, les pierres précieuses, la porcelaine, 7 les miroirs : la méthode de peindre sur le verre & en email : de tirer la couleur des métaux, mineraux, herbes & fleurs. Paris: 1697. [£1 14s, with Optique des Couleurs and 10 others ditto]
    {A later edition in 1718 was published in two volumes; neither edition was in octavo. The work was later translated into English.}
  • Histoire des Juifs 3 Vols -
    Josephus, Flavius. Histoire des Juifs écrite par Flavius Joseph, sous le titre de "Antiquitez judaïques", traduite sur l'original grec revu sur divers manuscrits, par Monsieur Arnauld d'Andilly. 3 vols. Bruxelles: 1701-1702.
    {Text of the 1683 edn. available on Google Books. [go] }
  • L'innocence opprimée par la Colomnie Toulouse 1668
    Tourreil, Amable de. L'Innocence opprimée par la calomnie, ou L'histoire de la congregation des Filles de l'Enfance de nôtre Seigneur Jesus-Christ ; Et de quelle maniere on a surpris la Religion du Roy tres-chrêtien, pour porter sa Majesté à la détruire par un arrest du Conseil : violences & inhumanitez exercées contre ces filles dans l'execution de cet arrest : Et l'injure faite au S. Siege par les mauvais traitemens dont on les a punies, pour avoir appelé au Pape des ordonnances de Mr. l'archevêque de Toulouse & du vicaire general du Chapitre d'Aix, le Siege vacant. Toulouse: 1688.
  • Histoire de l'Europe
    {No single volume edition with this title has been found.}
  • Epistles in French
  • Les droits des Souverains 2 Vols
    Sarpi, Paulo. Les droits des souverains, défendus contre les excommunications et les interdits des Papes. 2 vols. Paris: 1744.
  • Eclaircissments sur quelques oeuvres de Theologie
    Gaillande, Noël. Éclaircissemens sur quelques ouvrages de théologie. Paris: 1712.
  • Science des Medales
    Jobert, Louis. La science des médailles, pour l'instruction de ceux qui s'appliquent à la connoissance des médailles antiques et modernes. Paris: 1692. [12s, with Lettres Americaines, 2 v. and 24 others]
    {This is a one volume edition which was often reprinted; Christie's catalogue lists a two volume edition. Barry's active interest in medals is reflected in his design of a medal for the Society of Arts. [go] }
  • La Fontaine's Cupid & Psyche
    La Fontaine, Jean de. The loves of Cupid and Psyche; in verse and prose. From the French of La Fontaine, Author of the celebrated Tales and Fables. To which are prefix'd, a Version of the same story, From the Latin of Apuleius. With a New life of la Fontaine, Extracted from a great Variety of Authors. The whole illustrated with notes. By Mr. Lockman. London: 1744.

    English Octavo

  • Letters of Father Paul
    Sarpi, Paulo. The letters of the renowned Father Paul, counsellor of state to the most serene republick of Venice, and author of the excellent History of the Council of Trent: written to Monsieur Del Isle Groslot, a noble Protestant of France, the learned Monsieur Gillot, and others, in a correspondence of divers years translated out of Italian by Edward Brown. London: 1693. [go]
  • Life of James 2nd -
    Jones, David. The life of James II. Late King of England. Containing an account of his birth, education, religion, and enterprizes, both at home and abroad, ... till his dethronment: ... and illustrated with several medals. London: 1702.
  • St. Austine's Meditations -
    Augustine, Saint. Pious breathings Being the meditations of St. Augustine, containing VIII. books. ... Made English by George Stanhope. London: 1751.
  • The Courtier -
    Castiglione, Baldassarre.The courtier or, the complete gentleman and gentlewoman. Being, a treatise of the politest manner of educating persons of distinction ... Translated from the Italian original of Balthasar, Count Castiglione. In four books. London: 1729.
    {'The Courtier' was also the title of an 8 page Horatian epistle: The courtier and patriot. An epistle to his Grace the Duke of Newcastle. London: 1757.}
  • Tindals Polymetis
    Tindal, Nicholas. A guide to classical learning: or, Polymetis abridged. Containing, I. By Way of Introduction, the Characters of the Latin Poets and their Works. The Rise, Growth, and Fall of the polite Arts among the Romans. The Usefulness of Antiques towards explaining the Classics a true Idea of the Allegories of the Antients, and of their whole Scheme of Machinery, or Interposition of the Gods; with Remarks on the Defects of our best Allegorists and Artists for Want of such an Idea. II. An Inquiry concerning the the Agreement between Works of the Roman Poets and the Remains of the antient Artists, in order to illustrate them mutually from one another. Being a work absolutely necessary, not only for the right Understanding of the Classics, but also for forming in young Minds a true Taste for the Beauties of Poetry, Sculpture, and Painting. The third edition illustrated with Twenty-Eight Prints from original Antiques, and more particularly adapted to the Use of Schools and Academies. London: 1768.
    {By Joseh Spence (1699-1768); Barry's friend Fenn Sleigh had asked him for a copy of this book in 1763; later Barry wrote to Sleigh from Rome to say he had seen the book there, 'without any doubt it is altogether the most able and useful work upon the heathen deities that ever fell in my way'. [go] }
  • Holy Bible - [£1 7s, with 6 others]
  • Discourse on the Passions -
    Gaubius, H.D. On the passions: or a philosophical discourse concerning the duty and office of physicians in the management and cure of the disorders of the mind. Delivered at the Academy in Leyden. Translated from the original Latin by J. Taprell, M.D. London: 1760.
    {Although the brief title makes it difficult to identify this book, the author, Hieronymus David Gaubius (1705-88), is mentioned in the correspondence as a writer Barry would be familiar with. [go] }
  • State of the Nation
    Knox, William. The present state of the nation: particularly with respect to its trade, finances, &c. &c. Addressed to the King and both Houses of Parliament. London: 1768. [go]
  • Machiavel -
  • Locke on Government -
    Locke, John. Two treatises of government. London: 1764. [go]
  • Ainsworth's Dictionary 2 Vol -
    Ainsworth, Robert. Robert Ainsworth's dictionary, English and Latin. A new edition, with great additions and amendments. Particularly a large and copious index of such words as occur in Stephens and Ainsworth, of an obsolete, unclassical, doubtful, or modern character, with the proper and genuine word frequently annexed: also another index of the same kind, from Vossius, Calepin, Cooper, Littleton, and others. To which are subjoined, a third, of the more common Latin words in our ancient laws. The notes of abbreviations used in Latin authors and inscriptions. And a general chronology of eminent persons and memorable things. By Thomas Morell, D.D. Rector of Buckland, in Hertfordshire, and F.SS. R. & A.. 2 vols. London: 1773.[£1 2s, with Lucretius 2 vols. and 5 others]
  • Clarke's Homer - 2 Vols -
    Clarke, Samuel, trans. Homeri Ilias Grce et Latine annotationes in usum serenissimi principis Gulielmi Augusti, Ducis de Cumberland, &c. Regio jussu scripsit atque edidit Samuel Clarke. 2 vols. London: 1774.
    {Translation of Homer's Iliad. [go] Barry included Homer in his painting Elysium and Tartarus or the State of Final Retribution; he is seated in the back row in the centre of the picture holding a lyre. [img]}
  • Cento Favole with Curious Cutts -
    Verdizotti, Giovanni Mario. Cento favole bellissime dei più illustri antichi e moderni autori greci e latini, scielte da M. Gio. Mario Verdizotti... . Venice: 1661.
    {The engravings are attributed to Jordano Ziletti 'd'après des dessins du Titien' (Note in the catalogue of the Bibliothèque national de France).}
  • Triumphant Chariot of Antimony -
    Valentinus, Basilius. The triumphant chariot of antimony: being a conscientious discovery of the many real transcendent excellencies included in that mineral Written by Basil Valentine ... Faithfully Englished ... By J. H. London: 1661.
  • Friends Chymical Lectures
    Freind, John. Chymical lectures, Englished by J.M. To which is added, an appendix. London: 1712.
  • Shaws Universal Chymistry: 2 v.
    Shaw, Peter. Philosophical principles of universal chemistry: or, the foundation of a scientifical manner of inquiring into and preparing the natural and artificial bodies for the uses of life: ... Drawn from the Collegium Jenense of Dr. George Ernest Stahl. London: 1730.[17s, with Godwin on Political Justice]
    {This was one of the few translations into English of Fundamenta chymiae dogmaticae et experimentalis... (1723) by the German chemist Georg Ernest Stahl (1660-1734).}
  • Anecdotes des arts 3 Vols -
    Nougaret, Pierre-Jean-Baptiste. Anecdotes des beaux-arts, contenant tout ce que la peinture, la sculpture, la gravure, l'architecture, la littérature, la musique, etc., et la vie des artistes offrent de plus curieux... chez tous les peuples... avec des notes... par M***... 3 vols. Paris: 1776-1780. [£1 12s, with Dictionnaire des Artistes, 2 v. and Felibien, 4 v. in 2]
  • Ciceron a ses Amis 3 Vols -
    Cicero, Marcus Tullius. Les Lettres de Cicéron à ses amis, traduites en françois (par l'abbé Maumenet), le latin à côté suivant l'édition de Graevius, avec des avertissemens sur chaque livre, des sommaires et des notes sur chaque lettre (par Golefer). 4 vols. Paris: 1704. [19s, with Tite Live, 7 vols., Histoire de Diodore, 4 vols., and 8 others]
    {This was a standard French edition in the early eighteenth century. Christie's Catalogue gives a 4 vol. edition, which suggests this was it. [go] }
  • Cochin Voyage d'Italie 3 vols -
    Cochin, Charles-Nicolas. Voyage d'Italie, ou Recueil de notes sur les ouvrages de peinture et de sculpture qu'on voit dans les principales villes d'Italie. 3 vols. Paris: 1758. [£1 18s, with Galleria di Firenze, 2 v., Hagedorn sur la Peinture, 2 v. and Murr sur la Peinture, 2 v.]
    {Full text available at Gallica bibliothèque numérique. [go] }
  • Dictionnaire critique
    Féraud, Jean-François. Dictionnaire critique de la langue française, par M. l'abbé Féraud,... 3 vols. Marsailles: 1787-1788.
    {The inventory title is too general to be identified with any certainty; the book here referred to is in 3 vols. and in quarto, which is as much as the inventory tells us.}
  • Amour de Catulli et de Tibull - par la Chapelle 4 Vols -
    La Chapelle, Jean de la. Les Amours de Catulle et de Tibulle, par Mr. de La Chapelle,... avec quelques autres pièces du même auteur. Nouvelle édition, augmentée d'un Éloge historique de Mr. de La Chapelle ... 4 vols. La Haye: 1742. [£1, with Anecdotes, 3 v., Omero, 2 v., Pope's Poems, 2 v. and Encyclopedie des Dieux, 2 v]
  • Alcoran de Mahomet Malezan
    L'Alcoran de Mahomet. Traduit d'Arabe en François, Par le Sieur du Ryer, Sieur de la Garde Malezair. Paris: 1647.
    {Full text available at Gallica bibliothèque numérique. [go] }
  • Les Vies de Peintures par Felibien
    Félibien, André. Entretiens sur les vies et sur les ouvrages des plus excéllents peintres anciens et modernes. 2nd edn., 2 vols. Paris: 1696. [£1 12s, with Anecdotes des Artistes, 2 v. and Dictionnaire des Artistes, 2 v.]
    {The enlarged 6 vol. edn.(1725) is available at Gallica bibliothèque numérique. [go] }
  • Caracteres de Theophraste 4 Vols - in 2 -
    Theophrastus. Les Caracteres de Théophraste, et de La Bruyere, avec des notes par M. Coste. Dresden: 1769. [£1, with 13 others]
    {The work cited is one of the many two volume editions in French published in the eighteenth century. Christie's catalogue gives this as a two volume edition.}
  • Lada Vinci on Painting -
    Da Vinci, Leonardo. A Treatise on Painting ... Faithfully translated from the original Italian, and now first digested under proper heads, by John Francis Rigaud ... To which is prefixed a new life of the author, drawn up from the authentic materials till now inaccessible, by John Sidney Hawkins. [With engravings of Nicholas Poussin’s line drawings.] 22 plates. London: 1802. [£2 7s, with Richardson's Works, Ditto on Painting, Dolce on Painting and Webb on Painting]
    {Barry had befriended Jean Francois Rigaud (1742-1810) while in Italy; he would have been interested in this translation by Rigaud, and hence it may be the octavo edition referred to.}
  • Teniers - Ditto
  • Dolce on Ditto -
    Dolce, Lodovico. Aretino: a dialogue on painting. From the Italian of Lodovico Dolce. London: 1770. [£2 7s, with Richardson's Works, Ditto on Painting, Da Vinci on Painting and Webb on Painting]
  • S[illegible]acey on [img] - Ditto
  • Bardwell on - Ditto
    Bardwell, Thomas. The practice of painting and perspective made easy: in which is contained, the art of painting in oil, with the Method of Colouring, Under the Heads of First Painting, or Dead-Colouring; Second Painting; Third or Last Painting; Painting Back-Grounds; On Copying; Drapery-Painting; Landschape-Painting; and a new, short, and familiar account of the art of perspective, illustrated with copper-plates, engraved by Mr. Vivares. London: 1756.
    {This was in quarto; the British Library copy gives the price as half a guinea (Eighteenth-Century short title catalogue). The only octavo edition was printed in 1795 and was, according to a note in the Bodleian catalogue, a pirated edition entitled Practical treatise on painting in oil-colours .}
  • Evelyn on engraving -
    Evelyn, John. Sculptura: or the history, and art of chalcography and engraving in copper. To which is annexed a new manner of engraving, or mezzo tinto, communicated by prince Rupert to the authour,... To which is annexed, a new manner of engraving ... communicated ... to the author... 2nd edn. London: 1755. [£3 16s, with Rembrandt's Catalogue and 10 others on the fine Arts]
  • Taylors Perspective & 12 more on Painting
    Taylor, Brook. New principles of linear perspective: or the art of designing on a plane the representations of all sorts of objects, in a more general and simple method than has been done before. London: 1719.
  • 30 Miscellaneous
  • Harris's Works - 3 Vol - neat Copy.
    Harris, Walter, trans. The works of Sir James Ware concerning Ireland revised and improved. : In three volumes. Vol. I. Containing, the history of the bishops ... Vol. II. Containing, the antiquities of Ireland. Vol. III. Containing, the writers of Ireland. In two books. All written in Latin ... now newly translated into English, ... Embellished with copper plates. ... Plates, 3 vols. Dublin: 1739-1746. [£1 16s, with Belsham's History of George IIId, 4 vols.]
    {It is presumed that 'Harris' refers to the Irish historian Walter Harris (1686-1761); this three volume edition of his translation of Ware's Works is a folio edition.}
  • Richardsons Works -
    Richardson, Jonathan. The works of Mr. Jonathan Richardson. Consisting of I. The theory of painting. II. Essay on the art of criticism, ... III. The science of a connoisseur. All corrected and prepared for the press by his son Mr. J. Richardson. London: 1773. [£2 7s, with Ditto on Painting, Da Vinci on Painting, Dolce on Painting, and Webb on Painting]
    {Richardson is presumably the art critic, and not the novelist Samuel Richardson (1689-1761).}
  • Do on Statues -
    Richardson, Jonathan. An account of the statues, bas-reliefs, drawings and pictures in Italy, France, &c. with remarks. By Mr. Richardson, Sen. and Jun. 2nd edn. London: 1754.
  • De Piles on Painting:
    Piles, Roger de. The art of painting, and the lives of the painters: containing, a compleat treatise of painting, designing, and the use of prints: with reflections on the works of the most celebrated painters, and of the several schools of Europe, as well as ancient and modern. Being the newest, and most perfect work of the kind extant. Done from the French of Monsieur de Piles. To which is added, an essay towards an English-school, with the lives and characters of above 100 painters.. .London: 1706.
    {De Piles's book appeared in different forms during the century.}
  • Papillion de la Gravure en bois 2 Vols -
    Papillon, Jean-Baptiste. Traité historique et pratique de la gravure en bois. 2 vols. Paris: 1766. [£1 13s, with Bossu, Maniere de Graver]
    {Text available on Google Books. [go] }
  • Alphabetic Writing
    Davy, Charles. Conjectural observations on the origin and progress of alphabetic writing. London: 1772.
  • Rembrandts Catalogue - [£3 16s, with Evelyn's Sculpture and 10 others on the fine Arts]
  • 21 Various -
  • Puffendorf's - Introduction = -
    Puffendorf, Samuel. An introduction to the history of the principal kingdoms and states of Europe. 7th edn. corrected and improved. London: 1711.
  • Vertot's Roman Republic, 2 v.
    Aubert de Vertot d'Aubeuf, René. The History of the Revolutions that happened in the Government of the Roman Republic ... The fifth edition. English’d by Mr. Ozell, etc. Maps, 2 vols. Dublin: 1736. [£1 9s, with Walker's Sermons, 2 v., Lowth's Lectures, 2 v., Le Pluche on the Gospel, 2 v.]

    French Octavo &c

  • Fialetti di gli habiti delle Religioni -
    Fialletti, Odoardo. De gli habiti delle religioni, con le armi, e breue descrittion loro. Venice: 1626. [£2 17s, with Prints after Michael Angelo, and 2 others]
  • Paradin's Omblems
    Paradin, Claude. Devises heroiques et emblemes. Illustrated. Paris: 1622.
    {Text available at Gallica. [go] }
  • Traité des Couleurs -
    Arclais de Montamy, Didier François d'. Traité des couleurs pour la peinture en émail et sur la porcelaine. Paris: 1765.
    {This appears to be a second copy of the book entered above.}
  • Traité des Peintures 2 Vols -
  • Batteux des beaux Arts -
    Batteux, Charles. Les Beaux Arts réduits à un même principe. Paris: 1746.
    {Full text available at Gallica. [go] }
  • L'[illegible] [img] sur l'Architecture -
  • Peintures en Mosaique -
    [Le Viel, Pierre] Essai sur la peinture en mosaique. Paris: 1768.
    {Although the short title on the inventory is not exactly the same, this is the nearest published title found. Hence it my or may not be the book referred to.}
  • Cochin les Antiquités d' -
    Cochin, Charles-Nicolas. Observations sur les antiquités d'Herculanum; avec quelques réflexions sur la peinture & la sculpture des anciens; & une courte description de plusieurs antiquités des environs de Naples, par Monsieur. Cochin le fils & Bellicard. Paris:1754.{Barry visited Herculaneum and the Naples area in the winter of 1768-69. [go] Text available at Google Books. [go] }
  • Dissertations sur la peinture -
    {A number of works contained these words in the title. The closest match of the short title is found in what seems to be an unpublished work by Count Anne-Claude-Philippe de Caylus (1692-1765) , 'Dissertations sur la peinture et vies de quelques peintres et sculpteurs': a copy of the MS is in the Manuscrits de la bibliothèque de la Sorbonne (M1152).}
  • Conversations sur la peinture -
    Piles, Roger de. Conversations sur la connoissance de la peinture, et sur le jugement qu'on doit faire des tableaux, où par occasion il est parlé de la vie de Rubens... Paris: 1677.
    {The frontispiece has the title, 'Diverses conversations sur la peinture'. Full text available at Gallica bibliothèque numérique. [go] }
  • Bosse de la maniere de greaves -
    Bosse, Abraham. [go] De la manière de graver à l'eau forte et au burin: et de la gravûre en manière noire: avec la façon de construire les presses modernes & d'imprimer en taille-douce. 19 plates, revised and corrected edn. Paris: 1745.
    {Full text available at Gallica bibliothèque numérique. [go] }
  • Vie des Peintres par des Piles -
    Piles, Roger de. Abrégé de la vie des peintres, avec des réflexions sur leurs ouvrages... 2nd edn. Paris:1715.
    {Full text available at Gallica bibliothèque numérique. [go] }
  • Environs de Paris -
    Delagrive, Jean. Environs de Paris levés géométriquement par M. l'abbé de la Grive,... dédiés... en 1740. L'échèle est de 50 lignes pour mille toises. Paris: 1740.
  • Pernety Dictionnaire des Peintures
    Pernety, Antoine-Joseph. Dictionnaire portatif de peinture, sculpture et gravure avec un traité pratique des différentes manières de peindre, dont la théorie est développée dans les articles qui en sont susceptibles. Ouvrage utile aux artistes, aux élèves & aux amateurs. Paris:1757. [£1 7s, with Le Comte Cabinet d'Architecture, Bardon sur la Peinture, 2 v. and 6 others on Painting in French]
  • Voyage de Paris -
    Néel, Louis Balthazard. Voyage de Paris à St. Cloud, par mer, et retour de St. Cloud à Paris, par terre. 3rd edn. Paris: 1751.
    {This looks like a guide-book: given that Barry spent several months in Paris in 1765-1766, the title may refer to a book such as that indicated here.}
  • Catalogue d'Orleans -
    Du Bois de Saint-Gelais, Louis-François. Description des tableaux du Palais-Royal, avec la vie des peintres à la tête de leurs ouvrages, dédiée à Mgr. le duc d'Orléans,... Paris: 1727.
    {Full text available at Gallica bibliothèque numérique. [go] }
  • Catalogue de Dausseldorf -
    Colins, François-Louis. Catalogue des tableaux qui se trouvent dans les galleries du Palais de S. A. S. électorale palatine, à Dusseldorff. Mannheim: [1746-1760].
  • Velasco Histoire des Peintures
    Palomino de Castro y Velasco, Acisclo Antonio. Histoire abrégée des plus fameux peintres, sculpteurs et architectes espagnols... traduit de l'espagnol de Don Antonio Palamino ["sic"] Velasco,... Paris: 1749.
  • Mensaert Tableaux dans les Eglises des pays bas -
    Mensaert, Pierre Guillaume. Le peintre amateur et curieux, ou Description générale des tableaux des plus habiles maîtres, qui font l'ornement des églises, couvents ... dans l'étendue des Pays-Bas autrichiens. Bruxelles: 1763.
    {Text available on Google Books. [go] }
  • Singularite d'Architecture
    Le Comte, Florent. Cabinet des singularitez d'architecture, peinture, sculpture, et graveure. Ou introduction à la connoissance des plus beaux arts, figurés sous les tableaux, les statues & les estampes. 3 vols., illustrated. Brusselles: 1702. [£1 7s, with Dictionnaire de Peinture, Bardon sur la Peinture, 2 v. and 6 others on Painting in French]
  • Lacombe Spectacles des Beaux Arts -
    Lacombe, Jacques. Le spectacle des beaux arts, ou, Considerations touchant leur nature, leurs objets, leurs effets & leurs régles principales: avec des observations sur la manière de les envisager, sur les dispositions nécessaires pour les cultiver, et sur les moyens propres pour les étendre & les perfectionner. Paris: 1761.
    {Text available on Google Books. [go] }
  • Dictionnaire des Artists 2 Vols -
    Fontenay, Louis-Abel de Bonafous, abbé de. Dictionnaire des artistes, ou Notice historique et raisonnée des architectes, peintres, graveurs, sculpteurs, musiciens, acteurs et danseurs, imprimeurs, horlogers et méchaniciens, ouvrage rédigé par M. l'abbé de Fontenai. 2 vols. Paris: 1776. [£1 12s, with Anecdotes des Arts, 3 v and Felibien, 4 v. in 2]
  • Tomassin Statues de Versaele
    Thomassin, Simon. Recueil des figures, groupes, thermes, fontaines, vases et autres ornemens tels qu'ils se voyent à présent dans le château et parc de Versailles, gravé d'après les originaux par Simon Thomassin. Paris: 1694. [go]
  • Geometria y prospecttira di Baldarasse Orsini 3 Vols -
    Orsini, Baldassare. Della geometria e prospettiva pratica. 3 vols. Rome: 1773.
  • L'art de peindre a l'esprit
    Sensaric, Jean Bernard. L'art de peindre à l'esprit: ouvrage dans lequel les préceptes sont confirmés par des exemples tirés des meilleurs orateurs et poètes françois. 3 vols. Paris: 1770.
  • Oeuvres de Falconet 6 Vols -
    Falconet, Etienne. Œuvres d'Étienne Falconet, statuaire: contenant plusieurs écrits relatifs aux beaux arts, dont quelques-uns ont déja paru, mais fautifs: d'autres sont nouveaux... 6 vols. Lausanne: 1781.
  • Ditto - - - - - - - 2 Vols
  • Histoire de l'art chez les anciens 2 Vols -
    Winckelmann, Johann Joachim. Histoire de l'art chez les anciens ... ouvrage traduit de l'Allemand. 2 vols. Yverdon: 1784.
    {Text of 1789 Paris edn. available on Google Books. [go] }
  • Reflexions sur la peinture par Hagedorn 2 Vols -
    Hagedorn, Christian Ludwig von. Réflexions sur la peinture, tr. par M. Huber. 2 vols. Leipzig: 1775. [£1 18s, with Galleria di Firenze, 2 v., Voyage d'Italie, par Cochin, 3 v., Murr sur la Peinture, 2 v.]
    {Full text available at Gallica bibliothèque numérique. [go] }
  • Blondel Homme du Monde eclaire par les arts 2 Vols -
    Blondel, Jacques-François. L'homme du monde éclairé par les arts. 2 vols. Amsterdam, Paris: 1774.
    {Full text available at Gallica bibliothèque numérique. [go] }
  • Nicholson's Architecture
    Nicholson, Peter. Principles of Architecture: comprising Fundamental Rules of the Art. 3 vols. London: 1794-98.
  • 21 Italian on painting -
  • Voyage de Wheeler
    Wheeler, George. Voyage de Dalmatie, de Grèce et du Levant, par Mr. George Wheler, enrichi de médailles et de figures des principales antiquitez qui se trouvent dans ces lieux, avec la description des coutumes, des villes, rivières, ports de mer... Traduit de l'anglois... Amsterdam: 1689.
  • Voyages de Sho[illegible] [img] 2 Vols -
    {Although the illegible word looks like 'Shon', no such person or place has been identified; this may be a misreading for 'Shaw'. If so, the work referred to would be: Shaw, Thomas. Voyages de M. Shaw,... dans plusieurs provinces de la Barbarie et du Levant, contenant des observations géographiques, physiques, philologiques,... sur les royaumes d'Alger et de Tunis, sur la Syrie, l'Égypte et l'Arabie Pétrée,... traduits de l'anglois,... 2 vols. La Haye: 1743.}
  • 17 on Painting French -
  • Sastre's Italian Grammar - 2 Vols -
    Sastres, Francesco. An introduction to Italian grammar: with examples, notes, &c. 2 vols. London: 1777-1778.
    {A one volume edition had appeared in 1775.}
  • Lowth's Lectures 2 Vols -
    Lowth, Robert. Lectures on the sacred poetry of the Hebrews; translated from the Latin of the Right Rev. Robert Lowth ... by G. Gregory ... . To which are added, the principal notes of Professor Michaelis, and notes by the translator and others. 2 vols. London: 1787. [£1 9s, with Walker's Sermons, Le Pluche on the Gospel, 2 vols. Vertot's Roman Republic, 2 vols.]
    {Full text available on fair-use.org. [go] }
  • 31 Various -
  • Omer da Salvini -
    Salvini, Anton Maria, trans. Iliade d'Omero tradotta dall' originai Greco in versi sciolti. Firenze: 1723.
  • Popes Homer 8 Vols - [£2 2s]
  • Gueirnier's Lucretius 2 Vols -
    Titus Lucretius Carus. T. Lucretius Carus of the nature of things, in six books. Illustrated with proper and useful notes. Adorned with copper-plates, curiously engraved by Guernier, and others. 2 vols. London: 1743. [£1 2s, with Ainsworth's Dictionary, 2 vols. and 5 others]
  • Dufresnoy's Chronological Tables -
    Lenglet Dufresnoy, Nicolas. Chronological tables of universal history, sacred and profane, ecclesiastical and civil; from the creation of the world, to the year one thousand seven hundred and forty-three: With a preliminary discourse on the short method of studying history; and a catalogue of books necessary for that purpose; with some remarks on them. ..Translated from the last French edition, and continued down to the death of King George II. 2 vols. London: 1762. [£2 18s, with Du Bos on Poetry and Painting, 3 v. and Handmaid of the Arts, 2 v. ]
  • Spence on popes Odyssery -
    Spence, Joseph. An essay on Mr. Pope's Odyssey: In five dialogues. 2nd edn. London: 1737.
  • Commentaries de Bachet 2 Vols -
    Bachet, Claude-Gaspard. Commentaires sur les épistres d'Ovide, par messire Gaspar Bachet, Sr de Méziriac... Nouvelle édition... 2 vols. La Haye: 1716.
  • Orland furisso in Venegia 1583 -
    Ariosto, Ludovico. Orlando furioso di M. Lodouico Ariosto nuouamente adornato di figure di rame da Girolamo Porro Padouano; et di altre cose che saranno notate nella sequente facciata. Illustrated. Venice: 1584. [12s, with Dante and 4 others]
    {No edition for 1583 has been found. This volume is in quarto; an octavo edition was published in Venice in 1580.}
  • Graingers - Tibullus -
    Grainger, James, trans. and ed. A poetical translation of the elegies of Tibullus; and of the poems of Sulpicia. With the original text, and notes critical and explanatory. 2 vols. London: 1759.
  • 24 Various -
  • Patricks Horace 2 Vols -
    Patrick, Samuel, trans. and ed. The works of Horace, translated into English prose, as near as the propriety of the two languages will admit. : Together with the original Latin from the best editions. Wherein the words of the Latin are ranged in their grammatical order; ... Begun by David Watson, ... Revised, carried on, and published by S. Patrick. 3rd edn., 2 vols. London: 1750. [go]
  • Don Quichote 6 Vols -
    Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de. Histoire de l'admirable Don Quichotte de la Manche, Traduite de l'Espagnol de Michel de Cervantes. 6 vols. Paris: 1713.
  • Penns Works - 2 Vols -
    Penn, William. A collection of the works of William Penn. In two volumes. To which is prefixed a journal of his life. With many original letters and papers not before published. 2 vols. London: 1726. [go] [17s, with Doyne's Tasso, 2 v., Pott's Works, 3 v. and 6 others]
  • Watkinsons Philosophical Survey of Ireland -
    Campbell, Thomas. A philosophical survey of the south of Ireland, in a series of letters to John Watkinson, M.D. London: 1777. [15s with Law's Theory and 4 others]
    {Text available on Google Books. [go] }
  • Youngs Irish Tour 2 Vols -
    Young, Arthur. A tour in Ireland: with general observations on the present state of that kingdom. Made in the years 1776, 1777, and 1778. and brought down to the end of 1779. 2 vols. Dublin: 1780.
    {Barry complimented Young on this work, '‘tis wise, candid, bold, exceedingly humane & just what the nature of the case required'. [go] He included Young in his painting The Distribution of Premiums in the Society of Arts. [img] }
  • Essay on the Irish Language
    Vallancey, Charles. An essay on the antiquity of the Irish language. Being a collation of the Irish with the Punic language. With a preface proving Ireland to be the thule of the ancients. Addressed to the literati of Europe. To which is added, a correction of the mistakes of Mr. Lhwyd in reading the ancient Irish manuscript lives of the patriarches. Also, the mistakes committed by Mr. Baretti in his collation of the Irish with the Biscayan language (quoted in his late publications) exposed and corrected. Dublin: 1772. [go]
    {Text available on Google Books. [go] }
  • Walker on Elocution 2 Vols -
    Walker, John. Elements of elocution. Being the substance of a course of lectures on the art of reading. Plates, 2 vols. London: 1781. [15s, with Boileau's Works, 2 v. and 13 others]
  • Essays on Rhetoric
    Blair, Hugh. Essays on rhetoric: Abridged chiefly from Dr. Blair's lectures on that science. London: 1784. [18s, with 17 others]
  • Walkers Dictionary 1 Vols -
    Walker, John. A dictionary of the English language, answering at once the purposes of rhyming, spelling, and pronouncing. On a Plan not hitherto attempted. In which, I. The whole Language is arranged according to its Terminations. II. Every Word is explained and divided into Syllables exactly as pronounced. III. Words liable to a Double Pronunciation are fixed in their True Sound, by a Rhyme. IV. Many Words of established Usage, not to be found in our best Dictionaries, are inserted, and more technical Terms than in any Dictionary, except Chambers's. To which is prefixed A copious Introduction to the various Uses of the Work, with critical and practical Observations on Orthography, Syllabication, Pronunciation, and Rhyme; And for the purposes of poetry is added an index of allowable rhymes. With Authorities for their Usage from our best Authors. London: 1775.
  • Cooke's Dramatic Criticism 1 Vol -
    Cook, William. The elements of dramatic criticism Containing an analysis of the stage, ... concluding with some general instructions for succeeding in the art of acting. London: 1775.
  • Mathias on Rawley -
    Mathias, Thomas James. An essay on the evidence, external and internal, relating to the poems attributed to Thomas Rowley Containing a general view of the whole controversy. London: 1783.
  • Ranger's Pleasures of Memory 1 Vol -
    Rogers, Samuel. The pleasures of memory, a poem, in two parts. By the author of 'an ode to superstition, with some other poems.' London: 1792.
    {The poem quickly went through several editions: text of the 1801 ed. available on Google Books. [go] }
  • Boileau - - - - - - - - -2 Vol -
    Boileau Despréaux, Nicolas. Oeuvres de M. Boileau Despreaux. 2 vols. Glasgow: 1759. [15s, with Walker on Elocution, 2 v. and 13 others]
    {The short-title could refer to any one of several two volume editions of Boileau.}
  • Gulliver - - - - - - - - - 2 Vol -
    Swift, Jonathan. The travels of Lemuel Gulliver, into several remote nations of the world. Who was first a surgeon, and then a captain of several ships. 2 vols. Edinburgh: 1793. [go]
    {Relativley few two volume editions of the work were published.}
  • Woollestonecrofts Travels - 1 Vol
    Wollstonecraft, Mary. Letters writen during a short residence in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. London: 1796.
    {No matching author and title have been found; Wollstonecraft's account of her travels may be the book referred to.}
  • Manners of the Times -
    Brown, John. An estimate of the manners and principles of the times. By the author of Essays on the characteristics, &c. 2nd edn. London: 1757.
  • Middleton's Answr -
    Middleton, Christopher. A reply to the remarks of Arthur Dobbs, Esq; on Capt. Middleton's Vindication of his conduct on board His Majesty's ship the Furnace, when sent in search of a North-west passage, ... inscribed to the ... Lords Commissioners for executing the office of Lord High Admiral of Great-Britain and Ireland, &c. London: 1744.
  • Guthries Ciceros Oratory
    Guthrie, William, trans. Either (1) M. T. Cicero de oratore. Or, his three dialogues upon the character and qualifications of an orator translated into English. With notes Historical and Explanatory, and an introductory preface. To which is added, An explanation of the terms and phrases used by the Author, Alphabetically digested. By William Guthrie, Translator of the Orations, and carefully revis'd. London: 1742.
    Or, (2), The orations of Cicero, translated into English. 3rd edn., 2 vols. London: 1758. [go] [12s, with 11 others]
  • Adams Sophocles -
    Adams, George. The tragedies of Sophocles, translated from the Greek. With notes historical, moral and critical; ... To which is prefix'd, a preface... London: 1729. [go]
  • Theocritus -
    Theocritus. The Idylliums of Theocritus with Rapin's discourse upon pastorals. Made English by Mr. Creech. The second edition. To which is prefix'd, The life of Theocritus. By Basil Kennet. London: 1713.
    {The short-title could refer to any one of a number of editions, such as the one provided.}
  • Guthries Cicero Dispensation
    {William Guthrie (1708-70) published a number of editions of Cicero, but this title has not been found.}
  • Ovids Fasti
    Ovid. Ovid's Fasti or the Romans sacred calendar, translated into English verse. With explanatory notes. By William Massey, ... To which is prefix'd, A plan of old Rome, taken from Marlianus's Topographia Romae, neatly engraved by T. Kitchin. London: 1757.
    {It is not possible to say what edition of Ovid's Fasti Barry owned, but this edition with the engraved map of Rome would have appealed to him.}
  • Cicero's Brutus
    Cicero, Marcus Tullius. Cicero's Brutus, or history of famous orators: also, his Orator, or accomplished speaker. Now first translated into English, by E. Jones. London: 1776.
    {The short-title might refer to an edition of Cicero's Latin text, such as, M. T. Ciceronis Brutus, sive de claris oratoribus. Glasgow: 1748.}
  • Tascos Pinder & Horace -
    Tasker, William, trans. Select Odes of Pindar and Horace, translated; and other original poems: together with notes. 3 vols. Exeter: 1780. [go]
  • Aristotles Poetic -
    Aristotle. Aristotle's poetics; or, Discourses concerning tragic and epic imitation. Translated from the Greek into English. London: 1775. [go]
  • Philosophic 2 -
    Aristotle. Aristotle's Ethics and Politics comprising his practical philosophy, translated from the Greek. Illustrated by introductions and notes; the critical history of his life; and a new analysis of his speculative works; by John Gillies, ... 2 vols. London: 1797.
    {In the ms the word 'Philosophic' appears on the next line after the previous entry and is indented; this suggests the book is also by Aristotle. '2' indicates two volumes. The ediiton chosen is one of the few two volume editions of Aristotle's philosophy that might be referred to.}
  • Clarke's Lives -
    Clarke, Samuel. A Collection of the Lives of Ten Eminent Divines ... Where unto is added, the Life of Gustavus Ericson, King of Sueden ... and of some other eminent Christians. London: 1662.
    {The short-title might refer to one of two other similar works by Clarke, (1) The lives & deaths of most of those eminent persons who by their virtue and valour obtained the sirnames of Magni, or the Great. Whereof divers of them give much light to the understanding of the prophecies in Esay, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel, concerning the three first monarchies. And to other Scriptures concerning the captivity, and restauration of the Jews. 2nd edn., corrected and enlarged. London: 1675; or (2) The Lives of sundry Eminent Persons in this Later Age. In two parts. I. Of Divines. II. Of Nobility and Gentry ... By Samuel Clark ... To which is added, his own life, and the lives of the Countess of Suffolk, Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston, Mr. Richard Blackerby, and Mr. Samuel Fairclough, drawn up by other hands. London: 1683; or to, Clarke, John, trans. Cornelii Nepotis vit excellentium imperatorum ...Or, Cornelius Nepos's lives of the excellent commanders. With an English translation, as literal as possible. London: 1738.}
  • Addington [illegible word] [img] Hobbes -
    {Whether the illegible word is 'on', '&', 'or', or 'vs', no title has been identified.}
  • Accounts of China -
    Renaudot, Eusèbe, trans. Ancient accounts of India and China by two Mohammedan travellers, who went to those parts in the 9th century; tr. from the Arabic, by the late learned Eusebius Renaudot. With notes, illustrations and inquiries by the same hand. London: 1733.
    {Text available at Google Books. [go] }
  • Rime de Aristo Londra 1716
    Ariosto, Lodovico. Delle satire e rime di M. Ludovico Ariosto libri due. Londra: 1716.
  • Olimpiques de Pindar -
    Pindar. Les Olympiques de Pindare traduites en françois avec des remarques historiques. Paris: 1754. [go]
  • Beurch's intellectual mirror -
    Berquin, Arnaud. The looking-Glass for the mind; or, intellectual mirror. Being an elegant collection of the most delightful little stories, and interesting tales, chiefly translated from that much admired work, L'Ami des enfans. Translated by J. Cooper; a new edition, with seventy-four cuts designed and engraved on wood by Bewick. London: 1794.
  • Gregorys Comparative View -
    Gregory, John. A Comparative View of the State and Faculties of Man, with those of the Animal World. 2nd edn. London: 1766.
  • Youngs Night Thoughts
    Young, Edward. The complaint: or, Night thoughts on life, death, and immortality. : To which is added, a paraphrase on part of the Book of Job... London: 1771.
    {'A new edition, from one corrected by the author. With the addition of the author's life, by an eminent hand' (Bodleian library catalogue note). The first edition was published in 1742.}
  • Waller Pope Vol. 1st -
  • Paradise Lost
    {Barry also had a folio edition}
  • Do. Regained -
  • Aesops Fables -
    Aesop. Æsop's Fables, with their morals: in prose and verse. Grammatically translated. Illustrated with pictures and emblems. Together with the history of his life and death newly and exactly translated out of the original Greek. Illustrations, 18th edn. London: 1721.
  • Drydens Fables -
    Dryden, John. Fables antient and modern; translated into verse from Homer, Ovid, Boccace, and Chaucer: with original poems. 5th edn. London: 1745.
    {The short-title could refer to any one of many such editions. Barry included Dryden in his painting Elysium and Tartarus or the State of Final Retribution. [img]}
  • Do. - - - - Poems -
    Dryden, John. Original poems by John Dryden, Esq. 2 vols. Glasgow: 1756. [go]
  • Do. - - - - Juvenal and Thompson.
    (1)The Satires of Decimus Junius Juvenalis. Translated into English Verse. By Mr. Dryden, and Several other Eminent Hands. Together with the Satires of Aulus Persius Flaccus. Made English by Mr. Dryden. With Explanatory Notes at the end of Each Satire. To which is prefix’d a Discourse concerning the Original and Progress of Satire. Dedicated to the Right Honourable Charles Earl of Dorset, &c., By Mr. Dryden. London: 1693.
    (2)Thompson, James. The poetical works of James Thomson ... With his last corrections and additions ... To which is prefixed, an account of the life and writings of the author. London: 1768.
    {The short-title seems to refer to two separate books: Dryden's translation of Juvenal and poems by Thompson. The Thomson volume could have been his Works or an edition of one of his major poems, such as The Seasons. Barry included Thomson in his painting Elysium and Tartarus or the State of Final Retribution. [img]}
  • Ovids Art of Love -
    Ovid. Ovid's Art of love: with Hero and Leander of Musaeus, from the Greek translated by several hands. London: 1692.
  • do. Epistles -
    Ovid. Ovid's epistles, translated by several hands. 7th edn., with engravings. London: 1705.
  • Addison on Medals -
    Addison, Joseph. Dialogues upon the usefulness of ancient medals especially in relation to the Latin and Greek poets. London: 1746.
  • Bossus Treatise 2 Vols
    Le Bossu, René. Monsieur Bossu's Treatise of the Epick Poem. ... Made English from the French, with a preface on the same subject, by W. J. To which are added an Essay upon Satyr, by Mons. D'Acier; and a Treatise upon Pastoral, by Mons. Fontanelle. Second edition. With a discourse on the usefulness of the work, and some memoirs concerning the life of the author. 2 vols. London: 1719. [£1 13s, with Papillon sur la Gravure en Bois, 2 v.]
  • D'alemberts Miscellanies -
    Alembert, Jean Lerond d'. Miscellaneous pieces in literature, history, and philosophy.. .Translated from the French. London: 1764.
  • Bells Homer - 5 Vols
    {No such edition has been found; this may be an error for the five volume edition of Homer by Ozell in Christie's catalogue, which is not mentioned in the hand-written inventory. }
  • Prologomena to Shakspeare
    Prolegomena to the dramatick writings of Will. Shakspere. London: 1788. [go]
    {This was also the title of the first two volumes of John Bell's 20 volume edition of Shakespeare's works (1788): ' Vol.1,2 entitled: "Prolegomena to the dramatick writings of Will. Shakspere"' (Note in Bodleian Library catalogue). Barry included Shakespeare in his painting Elysium and Tartarus or the State of Final Retribution. [img] }
  • Poems - - - - - - 2 Vols
    Shakespeare, William. A collection of poems, in two volumes; being all the miscellanies of Mr. William Shakespeare, which were publish'd by himself in the year 1609. 2 vols. London: 1709-1710.
  • [illegible]tho's [img] - - - - - 2 Vols
  • Recherchie la verité- - - - 2 Vols
    Malbranche, Nicolas. De la recherche de la verité: où l'on traite de la nature de l'esprit de l'homme, & l'usage qu'il en doit faire pour éviter l'erreur dans les sciences. 2 vols. Paris: 1721.
    {Text of the 1712 edn. in 4 vols. available at Google Books. [go] }
  • Lettre de Richelieu
    Richelieu, Armand Jean du Plessis duc decard. Lettre ... à monsieur l'euesque de Bellay, sur le suiet des religieux, auec la response dudit sieur euesque de Bellay. Ensemble la lettre des religieux á Monseigneur le cardinal. Paris: 1633.
  • Monro's Anatomy
    Munro, Alexander.The anatomy of the human bones and nerves. With an account of the reciprocal motions of the heart, and a description of the human lacteal sac and duct. Corrected and enlarged in the sixth edition. Edinburgh: 1758.
    {Alexander Munro (1697-1767), Professor of Anatomy at Edinburgh, was succeeded in the post by his son Alexander Jnr.(1733-1817).}
  • Tauvry's - - Do -
    Tauvry, Daniel. A new rational anatomy, containing an explication of the uses of the structure of the body of man and some other animals, according to the rules of the mechanicks ... Made English from the third edition, revis’d, corrected, and enlarg’d by the author, etc. London: 1701.
    {Text available at Google Books. [go] }
  • Windgate's Arithmetic
    Wingate, Edmund. Mr. Wingate's arithmetick: containing a plain and familiar method for attaining the knowledge and practice of common arithmetick. Composed by Edmund Wingate, of Gray's-Inn, Esq; and, upon his request, inlarged in his life-time; also since his decease carefully revis'd, and much improv'd; as will appear by the preface and table of contents: by John Kersey, late teacher of the mathematicks, and now exactly corrected by John Kersey, the last author's son. 14th edn. London: 1720. [£1.19s, with Cambray on Charity, Towers's Tracts and 17 others]
  • Whiston's Euclid
    Whiston, William. The elements of Euclid: with select theorems out of Archimedes. By the learned Andrew Tacquet. To which are added, practical corollaries, ... 10th edn. Dublin: 1772.
  • Douglas on the [illegible] [img]
  • Butlers Anatomy
    {No such title by anyone named Butler has been found. A remote possibility is that 'Anatomy' is a mistranscription for 'Analogy', in which case this would be an edition of Joseph Butler's Analogy of Religion, natural and revealed, to the constituion and course of nature (1736), a major religious work that was frequently republished through the eighteenth century.}
  • Orthopaedia - 3 Vols
    Andry de Bois-Regard, Nicolas. Orthopædia: or, the art of correcting and preventing deformities in children: ... To which is added, a defence of the Orthopædia, by way of supplement, by the author. Translated from the French of M. Andry. Illustrated, 2 vols. London: 1743.
    {The only editions found of this work are in two volumes}
  • Universal History 2 Vols
    Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne. An universal history, from the beginning of the world, to the Empire of Charlemagne: by M. Bossuet, late Bishop of Meaux, formerly preceptor to the Dauphin. Translated from the thirteenth edition of the original. By Mr. Elphinston. 2 vols. London: 1767.
    {Several histories with this title were published in the eighteenth century, but few in a two volume edition. In 1801 Barry added the French bishop Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet (1627-1704) to his painting Elysium and Tartarus or the State of Final Retribution. [img]. [go] An alternative possibility to the title given is, De Coetlogon, Dennis. An universal history of arts and sciences: ... The whole extracted from the best authors in all languages. 2 vols. London: 1745.}
  • Life of Cardinal Pole -
    Phillips, Thomas. The history of the life of Reginald Pole. Oxford: 1764.
    {Text available at Google Books. [go] }
  • History of Image Worship -
    Owen, James. The history of images and of image-worship. Shewing, the original and progress of idolatry among pagans, Jews, and Christians: with a refutation of the second Council of Nice... London: 1709.
  • Bla[illegible] [img] Caesar
  • Tassos Anacreon [img] -
    {The ambiguity of this entry makes it impossible to identify the book: Tasso is not known to have done an edition of Anacreon; the entry could mean this was Tasso's copy of Anacreon, which seems unlikely.}
  • Anacreon par Poete sans Fard
    Les Odes d'Anacréon et de Sapho en vers françois, par le poète sans fard. Rotterdam: 1712.
    {The catalogue of the Bibliothèque nationale de France has the note 'Avec le texte grec. - Contient les 2 odes de Sappho. - Le titre de départ porte : "Histoire de la vie et des odes d'Anacréon pendant son séjour à la cour de Polycrate". Les poésies d'Anacréon, ainsi que des pièces de vers composées par le traducteur, sont intercalées dans cette "Histoire... d'Anacréon" '; François Gacon (1667-1725) is given as the translator.}
  • The Decay of Piety
    Allestree, Richard. The causes of the decay of Christian piety Or an impartial survey of the ruins of Christian religion, undermin'd by unchristian practice. Written by the author of The whole duty of man. London: 1704.
  • Machiavels History of Florence 2 Vols
    Machiavelli, Niccolò. The history of Florence In eight books. Translated from the Italian of Nicolas Machiavel, secretary to that republic. 2 vols. Glasgow: 1761. [go]
  • Lettre Americane - - 2 Vols -
    Crèvecoeur, Michel Guillaume Jean de. Lettres d'un cultivateur américain, écrites à W.S. ecuyer, depuis l'année 1770 jusqu'à 1781; traduites de l'anglois par ***. 2 vols. Paris: 1784. [12s, with Science des Medailles, 2 v. and 24 others]
    {Full text available at Gallica bibliothèque numérique. [go] }
  • Homer Greek & Latin Anecdotes- 3 Vols -
    {Not identified; this may be a collection of stories from Homer in Greek and Latin (I am grateful to Dr Mark Stansbury of NUIGalway for this suggestion).}
  • Affaires du Nou - Testament -
  • Recueil des A[illegible] [img] 4 Vols
  • Pausainas par Gedoyn
    Pausanias. Pausanias; ou voyage historique de la Grèce. Traduit en François, avec des remarques, par M. l’Abbé Gedoyn, etc. .4 vols. Paris: 1797. [go]
    [£1.11.6d, with Lettres de Paschal, 3 v. and 7 others]
    {There were many two volume editions published earlier in Paris; Christie's catalogue lists a four volume edition, which suggests the text given here. Full text available at Gallica bibliothèque numérique. [go] }
  • Lettres de Pascal 3 Vol
    Pascal, Blaise. Les Provinciales, ou lettres écrites ... à un provincial ... et aux RR. PP. Jésuites. Avec les notes de G. Wendrock traduites en français. Nouvelle édition ... augmentée. Plates, 3 vols. Amsterdam: 1735. [go] " [£1.11.6d, with Pausanias and 7 others]
  • Confessions de St. Augustin -
    Augustine, Saint. Les Confessions de St Augustin traduites en françois par Arnauld d' Andilly. Paris: 1743.
  • 8 Various -
  • Catullus de Geneva -
  • Dante In Frienze 1595
    Dante Alighieri. La Divina Commedia di Dante Alighieri Nobile Florentiono ridotta a miglior lezione dagli Accademici della Crusca. Firenze: 1595. [go]
    {Barry includes Dante in his painting Elysium and Tartarus or the State of Final Retribution. [img]}
  • Lettre de Bembo -
    Bembo, Cardinal Pietro.

    {No such French edition has been found. Cardinal Bembo (1470-1547) was a Venetian scholar, poet and critic.}
  • Du Bartas &c -
    Bartas, Guillaume de Salluste Du. Du Bartas his diuine weekes, and workes: with a compleate collectio[n] of all the other most delight-full workes translated and written by ye famous philomusus, Josuah Syluester Gent. London: 1633.
    {The reference could be to a number of different works by the French poet Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas (1544-1590). The '&c' suggests a few of his works in a single volume, such as is given here.}
  • Cooke's Hesiod -
    Cooke, Thomas, trans. The works of Hesiod translated from the Greek. 2nd edn. London: 1743. [go]
    {Text available at Google Books. [go] }
  • Brown of the Italian Opera
    Brown, John. Letters upon the poetry and music of the Italian opera addressed to a friend. Edinburgh: 1789.
  • Hippocrate 2 Vols
    Hippocrates. Oeuvres d'Hippocrate, traduites en François avec des Remarques. 2 vols. Paris: 1697.
    {Translated by A. Dacier.}
  • Lucian par d'ablancour 2 Vols
    Lucian. Lucien de la traduction de N. Perrot, Sr. d'Ablancourt; divisé en deux parties. 4th edn. corrected, 2 vols. Amsterdam: 1664.
  • Tacite Do - - - 2 Vols
    Tacitus, Cornelius. Les oeuvres de Tacite de la traduction de N. Perrot, sieur d'Ablancourt. 2 vols. Amsterdam: 1691.
  • Do - - - - -
    Tacitus, Cornelius. Les oeuvres de Tacite. De la traduction de N. Perrot, Sieur d'Ablancourt. Paris: 1658.
    {The entry suggests a one volume French edition such as that given here.}
  • Do par de la Housan 2 Vols -
    Tacitus, Cornelius. Tacite: avec des notes politiques et historiques, [translated] par Amelot de la Houssaie. 2 vols. La Haye: 1692.
  • Platone par Dacier - 2 Vols -
    Dacier, A. Les œuvres de Platon tr. avec des remarques, et la vie de ce philosophe. 2 vols. Paris: 1699. [go]
  • Littlebury's Herodotus 2 Vols -
    Littlebury, Isaac, trans. The history of Herodotus. Translated from the Greek. 2nd edn., 2 vols. London: 1720. [go]
  • 21 Various
  • Pyrotectinical Discourses -
    von Löwenstern, Johann Kunckel et Fritsche, Johann Christian . Pyrotechnical discourses, being I. An experimental confirmation of chymical philosophy... with a perspective against chymical non-entities, written by John Kunkel esice,... II. A short discourse on the original of metallick veins, by George Ernest Stahl,... which may serve as an answer to Dr. Woodward's theory of the Earth and was a forerunner... III. The grounds of pyrotechnical metallurgy and metallick essaying... London: 1705.
  • des Israelites
    Fleury, Claude. Les Moeurs des Israëlites ... Derniere edition. .Paris: 1690.
    {Although the title given is very brief, it probably refers to this text by Fleury which was reissued a number of times, and was frequently translated into English.}
  • Telemaque -
    Fénelon, Francois de Salignac de La Mothe-. Les avantures de Télémaque, fils d’Ulysse. Par François de Salignac, de la Mothe Fenelon, ... Avec un petit dictionaire mythologique & geographique: nouvelle édition revue exactemement [sic] sur toutes les précédentes, et corrigée avec soin. Plates and map. London: 1778.
  • Grammaire francois
    Wailly, François de. Abrégé de la grammaire françoise. Paris: 1759.
    {This may have been the kind of Grammar book Barry had for his visit to France in 1765.}
  • Fenelon
    Fénelon, François de Salignac de La Motte. Oeuvres philosophiques...Paris: 1739. [go]
  • Maniere Universelle de Sargues
    Bosse, Abraham. Maniere universelle de Mr Desargues, pour pratiquer la perspective par petit-pied, comme le geometral: Ensemble les places et proportions des fortes & foibles touches, teintes ou couleurs. Par A. Bosse, graueur en taille douce ...Plates. Paris: 1643. [go]
  • Banier sur la fable
    Banier, Antoine. Explication historique des fables... 2nd edn., 2 vols. Paris: 1742.
  • 13 on Painting and Mythology -
  • 10 Various
  • Legend of Love [img]
    Tighe, Mary. Psyche; or, The legend of love. London: 1805.
    {Although the word 'Love' is difficult to read in the ms, this title is the nearest approximation; Barry's interest in Psyche reinforces the possibility.}
  • Turners Voyage to [illegible] [img] Vol 4th
  • Richardson on Milton -
    Richardson, Jonathan. Explanatory notes and remarks on Milton's Paradise lost By Jonathan Richardson, father and son. With the life of the author, and a discourse on the poem ; By J.R. sen[ior]. London: 1734. [15s, with 15 others]
    {Text available at Google Books. [go] }
  • Thicknesses Travels 2 parts
    Thickness, Philip. A Year's Journey through France and Part of Spain. 2 vols. London: 1777.
  • History of the United Provinces -
    Lothian, William. The history of the United Provinces of the Netherlands, from the death of Philip II. King of Spain, to the truce made with Albert and Isabella. London, Dublin: 1780.
  • Philippiques de Cicero
    Cicero, Marcus Tullius. Les Philippiques de Cicéron, de la traduction de P. Du Ryer... 3rd edn. Paris: 1646.
  • Life of Chicheley
    Spencer, Oliph Leigh. The life of Henry Chichelé, Archbishop of Canterbury, Founder of all Souls College, in the University of Oxford. London: 1783.
  • Rhymes on Art
    Shee, Martin Archer. Rhymes on art; or, The remonstrance of a painter. 2nd edn. London: 1805.
  • Vindication of D.r Troy
    Elrington, Thomas, Bishop of Ferns and Leighlin. The Vindication of Dr. Troy from the charge of inconsistency refuted, in reply to the answer to the yeoman's Letter to mr. Wickham, and to the Roman catholic clergyman's review of S.N.'s Inquiry, by S.N. Dublin: 1804.
  • Insurrection
    Brereton, Henry. The insurrection of the twenty-third July, 1803 [and the subsequent trials. Signed H.B.C.]. Dublin: 1803.
    {This title could refer to any number of works; but given Barry's interest in Ireland, this might be the book referred to.}
  • Tite Vols & 8 -
    Livy, Titus. Histoire romaine de Tite Live...traduite en françois par M. Guérin...10 vols. Paris: 1738-40.
    {Barry appears not to have had volume 1; he may have had an incomplete set of a French edition such as that given here.}
  • Ideal Beauty
    Kate, Lambert ten, trans. Ideal beauty in painting and sculpture illustrated by remarks on the antique, and the works of Raphael, and other great masters. London: 1769.
    { ' A translation by James Christopher le Blon of Lambert ten Kate's preface to vol.3 of the Richardsons' "Traité de la peinture", Amsterdam, 1728' (Bodleain Library on-line catalogue note).}
  • Raspear on Painting
    Raspe, Rudolf Erich. A critical essay on oil-painting; proving that the art of painting in oil was known before the pretended discovery of John and Hubert van Eyck; to which are added, Theophilus de arte pingendi Eraclius de artibus Romanorum. And a review of Farinator's Lumen animæ. London: 1781. [£1 16s, with Lairesse's Art of Painting ad 2 others]
  • Precetti -
    {The title is too general to be sure about; many books included the phrase in their titles. A Da VInci text looks a possibility, given Barry's interest in Da Vinci: Da Vinci, Leonardo. Alcuni precetti trà i molti, che vengon dati da Leonardo da Vinci nel suo libro del Trattato di pittura, etc. [Pavia]: 1674. However, the British Library Integrated Catalogue notes of this item, 'In: Scaramuccia (Luigi) Le Finezze de pennelli italiani, etc. pp. 211-216. [1674.]' , in other words, but a few pages of a book Barry owned.}
  • 9 Tracts of Mr Barry -
  • Large Parcel of Catalogues & old Papers, Reviews & Pamphlets - &c -



    The following books which appear in Christie's auction catalogue are not in the hand-written inventory.

  • One hundred and forty of Barry's account of Pictures
    Barry, James. An Account of a Series of Pictures, in the Great Room of the Society of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce, at the Adelphi. London: 1783. [£3 3s, with 9 others]
  • Thirty of Barry's Letters to the Dilettanti Society
    Barry, James. A Letter to the Dilettanti Society respecting the obtention of certain matters essentially necessary for the improvement of public taste, and for accomplishing the original views of the Royal Academy of Great Britain. London: 1798. [17s]
  • Schrevelii Lexicon
    Schrevel, Cornelis. Lexicon manuale graeco-latinum, & latino-græcum. London: 1762. [18s., with Guthrie's Grammar, New Dispensatory and 16 others]
  • New Dispensatory
    Lewis, William. The new dispensatory: containing I. The theory and practice of pharmacy. II. A distribution of medicinal simples, according to their Virtues and sensible Qualities; the Description, Use, and Dose of each Article. III. A full translation of the London and Edinburgh pharmacopoeias; with the Use, Dose, &c. of the several Medicines. IV. Directions for extemporaneous prescription; with a select Number of elegant Forms. V. A collection of cheap remedies for the use of the poor. The Whole interspersed With Practical Cautions and Observations. Intended as a correction, and improvement of Quincy. London: 1753. [18s., with Guthrie's Grammar, Schrevelii Lexicon and 16 others]
    {The short-title may refer to the same book as the Edinburgh New Dispensatory (1789) on the hand-written list above, or it could be Lewis' earlier edition of that book which did not have 'Edinburgh' in the title.}
  • Cambray on Charity
    The characters and properties of true charity displayed. Translated from the original French of Fenelon, late archbishop of Cambray. London: 1737. [£1.19s, with Wingate's Arithmetic. Towers's Tracts and 17 others]
  • Towers's Tracts
    Towers, Joseph. Tracts on political and other subjects, published at various times by Joseph Towers, ...3 vols. London: 1796. [£1.19s, with Cambray on Charity. Wingate's Arithmetic and 17 others]
    {Text of vol. II available at Google Books. [go] }
  • Dictionaire de Boyer
    Boyer, Abel. Dictionnaire royal, françois-anglois et anglois-françois, Tiré des Meilleurs auteurs...Nouvelle Édition. 2 vols. London: 1756. [go] [£1, with 13 others]
    {Text available at Google Books. [go] }
  • Homer's Iliad by Ozell, 5 v. ,
    Homer. The Iliad of Homer with Notes. To which are prefix'd, A large Preface, and the Life of Homer, by Madam Dacier. Done from the French by Mr. Ozell; and by him compar'd with the Greek. To which will be made some farther Notes... by Mr. Johnson, late of Eton,... Illustrated with 26 Cuts, copy'd by the best Gravers, from the Paris Plates design'd by Coypel. 5 vols. London: 1712. [10s, with 19 others]
  • Hurd's Horace 2 v.
    Hurd, Richard, ed. Q. Horatii Flacci Epistolae ad Pisones et Augustum: with an English commentary and notes. To which are added two dissertatiointo blank verse, by Mr. Ozell, Mr. Broom, and Mr. Oldisworth. To which are added, A preface, the life of Homer and notes by Madam Dacier. Illustrated with XXVI. cuts ... design’d by Coypel. 2nd edn., 5 vols. London: 1714-1722. [16s, with Polybius by Hampton, 2 v., Thucydides, 2 v., Spirit of the Laws, 2 v. and 6 others]
    {The mention of 'Bell's Homer 5 Vols.' on the hand-written list may be an error for this item. No edition published or translated by 'Bell' has been found.}
  • Thucydides 2 v.
    Thucydides. The history of the Grecian War: in eight books. Written by Thucydides. Faithfully translated from the original by Thomas Hobbes Of Malmsbury. With maps describing the country. 2 vols. London: 1723. [16s, with Homer's Iliad by Ozell, 5 v., Polybius by Hampton, 2 v., Spirit of the Laws, 2 v. and 6 others]
    {The example given is but one of several two volume editions that appeared in the eighteenth century.}
  • Omero 2 v. [£1, with Amours de Catulle, 4 v., Anecdotes, 3 v., Pope's Poems, 2 v. and Ecyclopedie des Dieux, 2 v.]
    {An Italian edition of Homer in two volumes.}
  • Pope's Poems, 2 v.
    [£1, with Amours de Catulle, 4 v., Anecdotes, 3 v., Omero, 2 v. and Ecyclopedie des Dieux, 2 v.]
  • Encyclopedie des Dieux, 2 v.
    Libois, Etienne. Encyclopédie des dieux et des héros sortis des qualités des quatre éléments et de leur quintessence, suivant la science hermétique. 2 vols. Paris: 1773.
    [£1, with Amours de Catulle, 4 v., Anecdotes, 3 v., Omero, 2 v. and Pope's Poems, 2 v.]
  • Bibiena Architettura Civile, 2 v.
    Galli da Bibiena, Ferdinando. Direzioni a’ givani studenti nel disegno dell’ architettura civile. With plates, 2 vols. Bologna: 1777-1783. [£7, with 18 others on the fine Arts, in Italian]
    {Not to be confused with his one volume edition of L’Architettura Civile preparata su la Geometria e ridotta alle Prospettive, considerazioni pratiche,ecc. Parma: 1711.}
  • Richardson on Painting
    Richardson, Jonathan. An essay on the theory of painting. London: 1715.
    [£2 7s, with Richardson's Works. Da Vinci on Painting, Dolce on Painting and Webb on Painting]
  • Galleria di Firenze 2 v
    Bencivenni, Giuseppe. Saggio istorico della real Galleria di Firenze. 2 vols. Firenze: 1779. [£1 18s, with Hagedorn sur la Peinture, 2 v., Voyage d'Italie, par Cochin, 3 v. and Murr sur la Peinture, 2 v.]
  • Murr sur la Peinture, 2 v.
    Murr, Christoph Gottlieb de. Bibliothèque de peinture, de sculpture et de gravure. 2 vols. Francfort et Leipzig: 1770. [£1 18s, with Hagedorn sur la Peinture, 2 v., Galleria di Firenze, 2 v. and Voyage d'Italie, par Cochin, 3 v.]
  • Bardon sur la Peinture, 2 v.
    Dandré-Bardon, Michel-François. Traité de Peinture, suivi d'un essai sur la sculpture pour servir d'introduction à une historie universelle, relative à ses beaux-arts. 2 vols. Paris: 1765. [£1 7s, with Le Comte Cabinet d'Architecture, &c. 3 v., Dictionnaire de Peinture, and 6 others on Painting in French]
    {This may be the 'Traité des Peintures 2 Vols' on the hand-written list.}
  • Optique des Couleurs
    Castel, Père. L'Optique des Couleurs, fondé sur les simples observations & tournée surtout à la pratique de la peinture, de la teinture & des autres arts coloristes. Paris: 1740. [£1 14s, with Art de la Verrerie and 10 others ditto]
    {Text available at Gallica bibliothèque numérique. [go] }
  • A bundle of Pamphlets on the fine Arts [£1 3s]
  • Recreations in Agriculture 11 numbers
    Anderson, James, ed. Recreations in agriculture, natural-history, arts, and miscellaneous literature. Monthly issues, London: 1799-1802. [8s]


  • Felsina Vita dei Pittori 2 tom.
    Malvasia, Carlo Cesare, Count. Felsina pittrice: vite de pittori bolognesi alla maesta christianissima di Luigi XIIII re di Francia e di Nauarra il sempre vittorioso consagrata dal co. Carlo Cesare Maluasia fra gelati l'ascoso. Diuisa in duoi tomi; con indici in fine copiosissimi. 2 vols. Bologna: 1678. [£2 6s., with Vasari Vite dei Pittori, 3 tom.]
    {Barry's copy may have been the two volume first edition, since a third volume was added in 1679. Text available at at Google Books. [go] }


  • A quantity of French printing paper [£4]