Letter from ROYAL ACADEMY to JAMES BARRY, written 12 March 1799 , at Royal Academy, London

Source: MS RA A/PC/1/3: Council Minutes, vol. iii. p. 23, Royal Academy. Printed: Fryer, Works of Barry, ii. 626-27.

The Council of the Royal Academy had heard a number of complaints about Barry's conduct from some members. The Council decided on the following letter at its meeting of 6 March; the text is taken from the Minutes. It was sent to Barry by the Secretary John Inigo Richards (1731-1810) on 12 March.

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A body of charges relative to the Academy's Conduct of the Professor of Painting, having been received by the Council, together with Personal information, in support of the same, by some members of the Academy; 1 the Council on investigation of both, and mature consideration, deem those Charges & Information, sufficiently important,2 to be laid before the whole Body of Academicians to be examined; & if they coincide in opinion, the heads of the Charges then to be communicated, to the Professor of Painting3 in consequence of which Resolution, the Council think it incumbent on them, to inform Mr Barry of the same -

I am, sir, your very humble servant,4

J. Richards, R.A. Sec.

Royal-Academy, March 12, 1799.

James Barry, Esq.