Letter from ROYAL ACADEMY to JAMES BARRY, written 28 February 1798 , at London

Source: Fryer, Works of Barry, ii. 603; the letter was first printed in the Appendix to the second edition of A Letter to the Dilettanti Society (1799), where it formed part of a long letter to an unnamed person dated 5 March 1798.

Barry says the letter was sent to him 'On the 28th day of February 1798' (Fryer, Works of Barry, ii. 603).

The Secretary to the Royal Academy, John Inigo Richards (1731-1810), gives Barry notice of a meeting of the Academy. Barry was struck by the vague wording and, as he explains in his letter of 5 March 1798, sensed trouble was brewing.

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You are desired to meet the president,1 and the rest of the academicians, on Saturday next, the third day of March, at seven o'clock in the evening, on particular business.

I am, &

J. Richards, R.A. Sec. Secretary 2