Letter from ROYAL ACADEMY to JAMES BARRY, written post 16 April 1799 , at Royal Academy, London

Source: MS RA A/SEC/2/7/4, Royal Academy. Printed: Fryer, Works of Barry, ii. 632.

The MS is the draft of the letter to Barry signed by the Secretary of the Academy, John Richards (1731-1810). Appended to the draft is a note by Richards to say Barry had brought him a letter on 16 April; Richards read it and told Barry he would convey its import to the President, Benjamin West (1738-1820), along with the letter, which he did immediately. On the following day, 17 April, the President brought Richards a draft letter to write out, sign and send to Barry, 'which I accordingly did' (MS RAA/SEC/2/7/4, Royal Academy). This is the letter.

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The great press of Business on me at this moment, in the Royal Academy, prevented me giving you an Immediate Answer to your Letter, And I must now beg leave to inform you, that by the Trust reposed in me as Secretary of the Institution, I cannot communicate to you any proceeding of the last General Meeting of the Academicians1 unless I am Authorised by that Body, which if I should be you will then hear from me as soon as possible.

I am Sir
your Obedient ServtServant

John Richards, R.A. Sec.

Royal-Academy, April 17, 1799

James Barry