Letter from PETER PAUL BENAZECH to JAMES BARRY, written 11 August 1795, at Exeter

Source: MS James Barry, Papers and Letters. The Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University. Cover: James Barry Esq.r
Castle Street

Peter Paul Benazech (c.1730-98), engraver and water-colourist, had been apprenticed in London to the French landscape engraver Francis Vivares (1709-80); his address in 1763 was Tottenham Court Road, London, but he later moved to Exeter where he died. In his will, dated 23 November 1798, Benazech, 'now of the City of Exeter', left everything to his nephew Charles Humphreys of 5 Barnard Inn, Holborn, London (PRO PROB 11/1315).

There is no mention in the letter of the year in which it was written; the allusion to Barry's engravings indicates that it was written sometime after 1792 when Barry issued his engravings of his work in the Great Room of the Society of Arts. Benazech writes from Exeter, where he now seems well settled; his nephew is taking the letter to London, and he invites Barry to visit 'this part of the World'. To suugest 1795 as the year is little more than a guess.

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Dear Barry,

I take this opportunity of my Nephew Nephew's return 1 to London, to send you a few old prints, and hope that they may be acceptable to you, if their there was a probability of your making a little excursion this summer, in this part of the World I need not tell you how happy I should be to see you at my habitation, I doubt not but that your Engravings2 go on very rapidly, and hope that you may enjoy every benefit resulting from them andand which your talents, and perseverance so well deserved, I hope that when you have a moment to spare that you will give me a line, which will confer the greatest pleasure Dear friend on your

Very affectionate friend
and most humble servant

P. Benazech 3

August 11.
N.o 1. Bath street4