Letter from LORD BUCHAN to JAMES BARRY, written 19 April 1805, at Edinburgh

Source: Fryer, Works of Barry, i. 296.

The Scottish antiquarian and art collector David Steuart Erskine, earl of Buchan (1742-1829) [img] had been instrumental in persuading the Society of Arts to set up a fund to help Barry in his old age.

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Edinburgh April 19, 1805.

My Dear and Worthy Barry,

Permit me to recommend to your kind reception and attention, Mr. G. Watson,1 portrait painter here, who will have the pleasure of handing to you this letter. He is a worthy man and a good artist, who goes up to London to see for a fortnight what is worthy of notice in his art in the metropolis and neighbourhood.

I have placed your portrait in my sanctum sanctorum 2 of taste in your fine art; and should wish to have at Dryburgh Abbey some easel picture,3 of your hand, as a memorial of the friendship and the circumstances that knit our minds together. The interview of Milton with his Quaker friend*4 in this study, which I admired when I saw you last, would be what I should particularly covet.—A great man in circumstances similar to your own.5

I am pleased with the notice taken by Mr. Burroughs6 of your letter to me, note 417 (see Poetical Epistle to Mr. Barry by Francis Burroughs, Esq. 1805. Carpenter, Old Bond-Street, page 93) where, under the shelter of Agrippa's name8 I have taken pride to myself as your friend.