Letter from LORD BUCHAN to JAMES BARRY, written ante 3 May 1802 , at Dryburgh Abbey, Scotland

Source: Fryer, Works of Barry, i. 290-91.

Fryer says this letter was written in May 1802; internal evidence suggests this is the letter Barry responds to on 3 May (see Barry to Buchan, 3 May 1802).

The Scottish antiquarian and art collector David Steuart Erskine (1742-1829), earl of Buchan, [img] who lived at Dryburgh Abbey, Berwickshire, near Edinburgh in Scotland; he had written earlier to Barry to say he would like to help him in his present difficulties (see Buchan to Barry, 20 April 1802).

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Dear Barry, as I have no notion of shadowy, unsubstantial proofs of esteem, so I have sent you enclosed a letter for the secretary of the Society of Arts, 1 which you may either deliver or not, as you may be advised, or as you yourself may think proper.

I am perfectly convinced, as in the case of Mr. Fox,2 that nothing could be so honourable to you in respect of personal esteem, as the completion of my views in this matter, nor, as there can be nothing of a political nature involved in it, would I hesitate to say, that were it to take place, it would in your case be even more perfectly agreeable to one's feelings than that connected with the Whig Club and party in his.