Letter from MARY ANN BULKLEY to JAMES BARRY, written 14 January 1805, at London

Source: MS 2069, National Library of Ireland.

Barry's sister Mary Anne Bulkley writes this letter in her own hand, unlike her previous letter (Bulkley to Barry, 11 April 1804). She had travelled to London from Cork with her daughter Margaret to try to persuade Barry to sign over the family house in Cork to her daughter.1

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London 14.th Jan.ry January 1805


From the message you sent to day by Margaret, saying that you would not sign a settlement of the House, but that perhaps, you may give a letter of Atn, 2 I have been induced to write to you to explain my Reason’s Reasons for Soliciting you for the Deed.

At the Death of my dear father3 (& only truetrue friend) he he he left that house & the Houses in Crones, & portneys Lane’s Lanes 4(now fallen to the Ground ) to my Mother, for the term of 31 years, that being the longest Lease that could then be given to a Roman Catholic, and the Reversion to you, whom he thought would Act as his Son & my Brother, by giving it to me, my OTHER Brothers,5 being wild, he left me one hundred pounds 40 £ of which was paid after my Marrriage6 to my Mother for her Interest of the House, As House. As you at that time sent a letter which I now have in my possession, that you resign your Title of said places in favor favour of your Uncle John Reardon,7 & at his Death to me, & family (you said your Sister) Now as Bulkley has made Over that House & my All on my Good Son,8 what a proceeding!! - And gave him the Lease nothing but a Deed of Settlement drawn on a Stamp in favor favour of Margaret will do as Bulkley’s Creditors could fall on it if given to me, his Debts being over 600£ And Burning your former Letter, for if that letter was produced even you could not retake it - Now sir Margaret being but 15 Years Old & of course not of Age, it would be Requisite to have a person to take it in Trust for her during her minority, a minority. A Friend of mine has offered to draw the Deed & take it on Trust for her (M.r Reardon, At.y 9) if you will be so kind as to Sign it, if not it will remain with my Son for Ever - You ask why I came to London, Sure Sir you could not Deceive yourself so much as to think I came to Beg from you -

If indeed you did think so I am convinced this will alter your oppinion opinion , give me leave to propose a single Question to you, - What did you give my Child when she was here last June; did you Ask her to Dinner, in Short did you Act as an Uncle or as Christian to a poor unprotected, unprovided for Girl – (turn over)10 Who had not been brought up to think of Labor Labour and, Alas! whose Education is not finished to put her in a way to get Decent Bread for herself 11 & whose share has been given to a Brother -

I must inded indeed have lost my Reason if I came to you for support – No Sir. I left Ireland because I have been Ill. Very Ill treated there. Thrown out of house & home by a Husband & Son. Good God what could I do if I was to Induster12 there, the fruits of mymy Labor Labour would be seized on by Bulkley’s Creditors even he would have given them up himself toto them I them. I had no Choice left but to starve or come here to try to Get Bread – Oftenten Often had I been importuned by my friends to come & see you but I would not nor would I come here now if I knew any other Country. I forget I am speaking to a disinterrested disinterested person, but I have not said thus much for any Interest, No Sir. But as you are a Well Bred Man who knows the World to let you know my reason for coming […] [gap in transcription (illegible)]... I shall no longer intriiide intrude on your time but just to tell you whhy I called to you, it was to see you after a period of more than 30 years to see if there was one relation of whom I may ask advice in the World but Disappointment has attended that & many others of the undertakings of Sir,

Yours &Cc &Cc &Ca

Mary Anne Bulkley

P.S. You will greatly
oblidge oblige the Daugter Daughter of John & Julian Barry13 if you
will sign the deed, it is my last request