Letter from EDMUND BURKE to JAMES BARRY, written 24 July 1772, at Beaconsfield

Source: MS 5672, National Library of Ireland. Printed: Burke, Correspondence, ii. 315.

Addressed: To
James Barry Esqr
Mr Marcelli's
Suffolk Street

On his arrival back from Paris and Rome Barry lived at 'Mrs. Grindall's, Orange Street, Leicester-fields' (The Exhibition of the Royal Academy, 1771, p.4); he then moved to Queen Anne Street, Cavendish Square (The Exhibition of the Royal Academy, 1772, p.4), before settling at 29 Suffolk Street, a house owned by Anthony Marcellis (Pressly, Life and Art, p. 210, n. 31). Marcellis is mentioned in 1768 as having had a silk handkerchief stolen from him worth 12 pence (Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 18 May 1768, refs. t17680518-2). Barry remained at the address until 1786.

Barry had now settled back in London, had recently done a portrait of Edmund Burke [img] and exhibited three paintings at the Royal Academy exhibition on 8 May 1772: Venus rising from the sea [img], Medea making her lamentation after the death of her children (unlocated), and Education of Achilles [img]; the catalogue for the exhibition has the title of the Medea painting altered by hand to read, Medea making her incantation after the murder of her children

Full display

My dear Barry,

Will1 tells me he is charmd charmed with a drawing of yrs yours for the D. of R.2 I am pleased, but far from surprised. He tells me there are Labels3 in it. May I beg it as a favour to myself, that they may be omitted. Be assured, that, witht without the least understanding in Picture, I have some small knowledge of the Town, and that no reason nor example will prevent them from being prejudicial to you. I hope to see you in a day or two. I am my Dr Dear Barry yr your real wellwisher

Edm Edmund Burke
Beconsfield Beaconsfield 4 July 24. 1772.

I had a Letter from Drumgoold.5 He has heard of your Fame, & is much pleased.