Letter from JAMES BARRY to ROYAL ACADEMY, written 31 January 1786, at London

Source: MS James Barry, Papers and Letters, Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University. There is a copy of the letter in Royal Academy MS RAA/SEC/2/7, though it does not include Barry's deletions.

Since Barry gives 'Tuesday morng' as the date of the letter and refers to 'next Monday' as 6 February, the letter was probably written on Tuesday 31 January. Barry had been elected Professor of Painting at the Royal Academy on 4 March 1782; he had written to the Secretary, Francis Milner Newton (1720-94), on the day before about arrangements for this lecture.

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As M.r Barry is not willing to be dissapointed disappointed himself, to dissapoint disappoint his friends & the publick, to appear wanting in his engagements to the Academy & still further to lose Ten pounds, 1 he desires that M.r Newton as secretary to the Ro will insert the proper Advertizements in the papers, that Mr Barry will read his fourth Lecture in the Royal Academy on next Monday the 6th. of February.2

Tuesday Morng Morning

To F.M.Newton Secretary to >ye the Royal Academy