Letter from JAMES BARRY to ROYAL ACADEMY, written 30 January 1786, at Sherrard Street, London

Source: MS Pierpont Morgan Library, New York . Envelope addressed: To
F.M.Newton Esqr
Secretary to the Royal Academy
SomercetSomerset Place.

Barry had been elected Professor of Painting at the Royal Academy on 4 March 1782; his duties included formal lectures which he gave during the winter. He writes to Francis Milner Newton (1720-94), Secretary to the Academy (1768-88), and a portrait painter, [go] about his next lecture.

Full display

Jan. 30. 1786 Sherrard St. N.8.


As I am now ready & wish to read my fourth lecture on next monday the 6.th of February,1 be so good before the necessary advertizements are forwarded to the News-papers to overlook them yourself & take care that your Amanuensis (whoever he may be) does not commit the same mistake whether well or ill meant, that has been given in to the publisher of the Court Kalendar for the year 1786 where M.r Farrington & M.r Wyatt2 are set down as the professors of Painting & Architecture to the Royal Academy & where an J. Bery is put in the list of the Visitors.3

I am sir your most ob.tobedient humble serv.tservant

Jam.es Barry

For F.M.Newton Esq.r Secretary to the Royal Academy