Letter from JAMES BARRY to DUKE OF BRIDGEWATER, written 13 March 1801, at Castle Street, London

Source: MS Pierpont Morgan Library, New York. [img]

As a mark of respect to Francis Egerton (1736-1803), Duke of Bridgewater, for his participation in the acquisition of French and Italian paintings from the Duke of Orléan's collection, Barry dedicated1 an engraving of Jonah to Bridgewater. [img] Bridgewater was a Fellow of the Royal Society (1784) and a Fellow of the Society of Arts (1791); his considerable collection of manuscripts and books was bequeathed to the British Museum on his death.

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M.r Barry presents his respectful Compts Compliments to the Duke of Bridgwater & requests his Graces's Acceptance of these two prints from the Jonas of M. Angelo, 2 wch which accompanies this Note. M.r Barry having had occasion in his Lectures at the Royal Academy3 to mention this Jonas of the Divine M. Angelo as one of the most sublime of his productions & there being no other print from it but that miserable tasteless scrawl of Mantuanus,4 wch which was so ill calculated to make the right & proper impression on the minds of the Students. M.r Barry was induced to grave it himself from the drawing wch which he made whilst he was studying in the Capella Sistina5 & he hopes that his Grace the Duke of Bridgwater will kindly & indulgently allow of the liberty he has taken of Consecrating that engraving to the Commemoration of the truly Patriotic Establishment of a publick Gallery of Pictures wch which will so deservedly reflect Lustre & immortality upon the name of Bridgwater.

March. 13. 1801.
Castle s.t Oxford Market