Letter from JAMES BARRY to SAMUEL MORE, written 23 January 1799, at Castle Street, London

Source: MS RSA AD/MA/104/10/403, Royal Society of Arts, London. [img]

This is a personal letter from Barry to his friend, the Secretary of the Society of Arts, Samuel More (1726-99); he asks More to read the letter he encloses 'this night' before he sends it to the Society (see Barry to the Society of Arts, 23 January 1799). More lived in the Adelphi buildings where the Society was situated.

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Mr Barry presents his best Comp.ts Compliments to M.r More was sorry to hear of his illness, altho although it be only the gout, which many think rather an advantage as it prevents other & worse evil happening.1 M.r Barry however hopes that M.r More may be so well as to read the enclosed letter to the Society this night & as he has not seen M.r More since the commencement of the New Year, he wishes very sincerely that he may pass it pleasantly & with many & happy returns of it.

N. 36 Castle s.t Oxford Market
Jan. January 23. 1799 -