Letter from JAMES BARRY to SIR HORACE MANN, written pre 24 January 1767 , at Rome

Source: Fryer, Works of Barry, i. 82.

Although the letter carries no date, it was written before Sir Horace Mann's reply of 24 January. Barry follows William Burke's advice not to make a special journey to Florence to present his letter of introduction from Lord Shelburne to Sir Horace Mann (1706-86), the British envoy in Florence. William Burke had written, 'inclose the letter with a very civil one from yourself to Sir Horace, and profess how happy you would be to receive his commands' (William Burke to Barry, 3 December,1766).

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As I cannot conveniently wait upon you at present, you will be so kind as to excuse my sending by the post the enclosed letter of Lord Shelburne.1 I hope to have the honour of making my respects to you in person, about the latter end of April, as the warm weather and long days will be more favourable to my scheme of making some studies after the pictures, &c. in Florence; if in the mean time you have any commands to honour me with, you will please to direct to me at the English coffee-house,2 Rome.

I am, sir,
With great respect,
Your obedient humble servant,

J.B. James Barry