Letter from LORD LIVERPOOL to JAMES BARRY, written 18 July 1799, at Hertford Street, London

Source: MS Add 38311 f. 28, British Library.

Barry had recently sent a copy of his Letter to the Dilettanti Society to the Earl of Liverpool, Charles Jenkinson (1729-1808), a Privy Councillor and President of the Board of Trade; [img] this may well have been the second edition (1799) which contained a new Appendix that gave details of the events surrounding Barry's expulsion from the Royal Academy. Liverpool's London address was 26 Hertford Street, Mayfair, from where he was probably writing.

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18 July 1799


I have received your Letter of the 12th Inst. 1- I have also received the Copy of your Letter to the Dilettanti Society.2 - I have looked into it, but have not yet had time wholly to peruse it. You know, how much I was concerned, at the unfortunate Disagreement, which took place between You, and the other Members of the Royal Academy;3 But for many Reasons, which it is unnecessary to state, it would be very improper in me, to present to His Majesty, as you desire, a Copy of the Publication before mentioned, or in any other way to interfere in this Business.

I am,&.c


James Barry Esqre