Letter from PATRICK BARRY to JAMES BARRY, written 1 August 1789, at London

Source: MS James Barry Papers and Letters, Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University. Cover: James Barry Esq.r
N.o 36 Castle Street
Oxford Market

In the two weeks since his last letter to Barry (Patrick Barry to James Barry, 19 July 1789), Patrick had met up with their brother Redmond and had been involved in some kind of brawl.

The hand here is different to that in other letters from Patrick Barry to James Barry, and there is a better grasp of spelling and syntax: this suggests an amanuensis helped Patrick to write this letter.

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Redmond1 and his Woman have abandoned this place for ever, if they are not forcibly brought back, God help me, there is no safety where I am, my poverty prevents me from any place of refuge in safety, so must trust to providence as I am conscious of my innocence, only being at their house to prevent lying in the street or field, on the night they stand charged with robbing a sailor who had been drinking with them and indeed treating them – I know no more of the matter than I do of my death, still if they should take me I have nothing to offer in my favor, poverty is no excuse amongst friends and strangers will not adhear adhere to it, […] [gap in transcription (illegible), words: 1] god is merciful & knows all hearts had hearts. Had I two pence to pay for a Bed I should not have gone to his garrett garret to lye2 on the bare dirty boards, still often obliged to put up with worse lodgings, no later than Sunday night last after a walk of 35 Miles, was obliged to stretch on the step at the Chapel door near Lincolnsinn=fields Lincoln's Inn Fields ,3 till near 2 oClock o'clock in the Morning with no greater nourishment than a Halfpenny roll and some water. I shall still hope it will be better

1.st August 1789 -

Patrick Barry 4