Letter from PATRICK RIORDAN to JAMES BARRY, written 20 November 1772, at Gravesend

Source: MS James Barry Papers and Letters, f.90, Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University. [img]

Addressed: To
M.r James Barry
N.o 29 Suffolke Suffolk Street
Haymarkett Haymarket

The calligraphy on the envelope is in the same hand as that in the letter; on another fold of the cover are four illegible words in different hands.

The identity of Patrick Riordan is not clear, but he may well have been Barry's younger brother Patrick. Since Barry's mother's maiden name was Reardon, and the spelling of it varied, Patrick may otherwise have been a relation on his mother's side of the family. A note on one of the Barry papers remarks that Patrick 'assumed the name of Patrick Reardon & afterwards entered into the E.I. Company's Service by the latter name' and 'died as it is believed many years ago in the E. Indies' (MS Barry Papers and Letters, f.20, Lewis Walpole Library).

See also Patrick Barry to James Barry, 19 July 1789 in which Patrick says that, having not found Barry at home and not wanting to embarrass him, he left his name as 'Patrick Riordan'. The writer's hand is different from that in a letter from Patrick Barry to Barry, 19 July 1789.

Since the grammar and syntax make difficult sense, a standardised version is also given.

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Gravesend 1 Novem.r November the 20.th 1772

Dear Sir You heave Orderd have Ordered Me to Write You A Letter When I Come On board whatever Ship2 I was going in According to Your Desire Before I was well Settled I made bold to Write You A few lines But I think within Myself It is the Same now As It was before Once Out of your sight & forever Out of your Mind Untill Until The Next Meeting Which If I live Shall Never Be to any More Troble Trouble for You Or any other Person Belonging to Me As for what you heave have told me Concerning Of it being More In your Power to Serve Me In this Way than In Any Other I Could heave have Done for You Do any thing for me So Much the Better At My Side & […] [gap in transcription (illegible), word: 2] Not what I Never had I could Never Loose Lose I am Just The same As before The Capt. Captain 3 Of the Ship Informs His people That he Will Sail three Weeks at furthest Dont Don't Be so Angreatfull Ungrateful Write Me A few Lines As Soon As Possible that Is All the troble trouble I shall give you while I am in the River4 Direct your Letter to Patk Patrick Riordan On board the Latham India Man5 Lying at Gravesend No more At Present from Your Loveing Loving friend

Patk Patrick Riordan