Letter from REDMOND BARRY to JAMES BARRY, written 9 March 1781, at Sheerness

Source: MS James Barry Papers and Letters, Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University. Cover: To
Mister James Barry painter
liveing living in Suffock Suffolk Street on the
Strand No.mbr Number 18

Redmond Barry (1754-1825), brother of James Barry; for details of his life see Appendix F,'Redmond Barry'. [go] Like Barry's other brother Patrick, Redmond had enlisted in the navy: Redmond had served in the West Indies, and Patrick on ships travelling to the East Indies. Writing from on board the Cumberland1 at Sheerness on the Medway in Kent, Redmond pleads with Barry to use his influence to have him released from his service. The spelling and punctuation indicate he was but semi-literate.

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March 9.th 1781

Dear Brother this Comes with my kind love and Sincare Sincere Respects to you; hopeing hoping you are in Good Health as I am at Presant Present thanks to God for it. Dear Brother. I am Unfortunately Unhappy in the Misrable Cituation Miserable Situation I am in at Presant Present, and my Dear as i I have no body So near Me but youyou, I ope hope you will Endeavour to Get me off as I Know it is in Your Power if y you y you Please, and with the Help of God I will make Restitution to the Utmost of my Power to You hereafter, Dear Brother there is no Respect of Persons on Bord Board of a man of war2 there are the greatest Vilions Villains I suppose that Could be Found any where Onbord On board of this Ship and Realy Really the they are Respected as well as I am. So Dear Brother God bless You and me into Consideration as soon as Possible and Free me from my Presant Missery Present Misery

Sonomore So no more at Presant Present

From Ever Loveing Loving Brother till Death.

Redmond Barry

Dear Brther Brother y Direct your Letter on Bord Board of the Cumberland […] [gap in transcription (illegible), word: 1] Commanded by Captin Captain Joseph Paker.3

to Redmond Barry Mariner