Letter from REDMOND BARRY to JAMES BARRY, written 23 July 1802, at London

Source: MS James Barry Papers and Letters, Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University. [img] Cover: To
Barry Esq.r
Castle Street
Oxford -Markett
No. 36.

Bishop mark: D JUL 24 1802; a second such mark is illegible.

On the facing page of the letter is written, 'N.B.
Redmond Barry
King Street St Georges

The hand of the letter is the same as that of Redmond Barry's letter to Barry, 9 March 1781.

Redmond Barry (1754-1825), brother of James Barry; for details of his life see Appendix F,'Redmond Barry'. [go] He spent much of his life at sea and was seldom in London; he signed himself 'Mariner' in his letter of 9 March 1781. As the 'Full display' shows, he was but semi-literate.

Full display

London July 23rd -

Brother your Undeserved Cruel treatment to me Almost has broke my heart. was Was it that Infernal Sister of yours 1 that been the Cause of that cruil cruel reception I received from you. I have been hampered About in the Service of the Country Untill Until I am Scarcely Able to render Any degree of Labour to procure a living for Myself. I hope you will Consider your poor Brother, that has nobody to Apply to but you. look Look back and Consider if you weare were in My Situation and I. in I in yours. how yours, how you would Approve of my behaviour, If behaviour. If you think it worth your Notice to Answer this2 direct, to […] [gap in transcription (illegible)] Ldging Lodging at Mr Long.s3 King Street […] [gap in transcription (illegible)] pping4