Letter from RICHARD BURKE SNR. to JAMES BARRY, written 5 August 1766, at London

Source: Fryer, Works of Barry, i. 48-49.

Edmund Burke's brother Richard Burke (1733-94) was on long leave from his post in Grenada and lived with the Burkes in London; he tells Barry they are about to leave for a visit to Ireland.

He had visited Barry in Paris during the winter (see Richard Burke to Barry, 11 February 1766); Barry later did a portrait of him (c.1771-76) which has not been located (Pressly, Life and Art, p. 237).

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5th August, 1766.

Dear Barry,

Could you not find any reason for my not writing to you, but that of being offended? Do you not know that I am of all mankind, the laziest, idlest, and most indolent in every thing but a dispute.1 Be assured, my dear Barry, that I love and esteem you with great sincerity, and add to your other good qualities, that of forgiving a friend who loves you. I have sent all the books you desired, to Colonel Drumgold.2 Ned, Jane, and I, set out in about two hours for Ireland.3 Do not be alarmed at the change in the ministry, all is very well.4 You may perceive what a hurry I write this, and I only write it to assure you of the sincere affection of all here. W. B. continues with Conway.5

Yours sincerely,

Richard Burke.