Letter from SOCIETY OF ARTS to JAMES BARRY, written 6 May 1805, at Adelphi, London

Source: MS James Barry Papers and Letters, Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University. [img] Addressee on the reverse: Jas James Barry Esq

Barry later used the invitation as paper on which to draft a new letter.

This printed invitation to a Committee meeting of the Society of Arts includes certain hand-written details; it is addressed by hand to Barry and is signed in person by the Secretary to the Society, Charles Taylor.1

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Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures,
and Commerce.
Adelphi the 6.th of May 1805.


I have the honour to inform you, that a
Committee of Polite Arts2 is appointed for
Friday3 next, at Seven o'Clock in the
Evening, precisely, to take into Consideration the
appointing the Time when the Candidates
for Bounties4 are to attend and other Matters5
at which Time the Favour of your Attendance is

I am, Sir,
Your obedient Servant,

Charles Taylor