Letter from SOCIETY OF ARTS to JAMES BARRY, written 26 February 1796, at Adelphi, London

Source: MS AD/MA/104/10/403, f.131, Royal Society of Arts, London.

Samuel More (1726-99), Secretary to the Society of Arts since 1770, alerts Barry about a request from the young artist Thomas Phillips(1770-1845)1 to visit his paintings in the Great Room of the Society in the Adelphi, The Progress of Human Culture.

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Adelphi Febry. February 26. 1796


The Society for the Encouragement of Arts Manufactures and Commerce having received a Letter from M.r Thomas Phillips, a Copy of which is herewith enclosed.2 I am directed to write to You desiring to enquire of you whether You have given M.r Phillips Your permission to inspect the pictures painted by You in the Great Room of the Society and to take such Measures as are necessary to compleat3 his Undertaking of colouring a Set of Prints engraven by You4 from the Series of pictures painted by you in the Society's Great Room agreably to the Information given by M.r Phillips in his Letter addressed to the Society

I am Sir your very huml" Serv.t humble Servant
S.M. Secy Samuel More Secretary

James Barry Esq.r. Esquire