Letter from SOCIETY OF ARTS to JAMES BARRY, written ante 25 July 1804 , at Adelphi, London

Source: MS RSA AD/MA/104/10/403, Royal Society of Arts, London..

This letter is an unsigned draft (see Full display) found among copies of letters written by the Secretary of the Society of Arts, Charles Taylor.1 At the head of the page on which this and copies of other letters appear is the date 25 July 1804. Above this letter is written 'James Barry Esqr - '.

The Society of Arts was looking to commission an engraver to work on one of Barry's self-portraits to appear as the frontispiece in a forthcoming number of the Society's Transactions.

Since Barry told Valentine Green on 25 July that he wanted James Heath (1757-1834) to do the engraving (see Barry to Valentine Green, 25 July 1804), this letter was probably written to Barry before Green received Barry's letter.

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I was favord favoured with your note of Wednesday Evening last2 & in Consequence thereof waited upon Mr Valentine Green3 and agreeably to his Opinion called a Committee which he obligingly promised to attend & did attend last night when the follow after theirtheir Consideration of the Subject of your portrait with him of your portrait with him the following Resolution was agreed to […] [gap in transcription (illegible), words: 2] to the following Resolution Resolution was agreed to Resolved that Mr Warren4 be the Artist employed subject to the Approbation of Mr Barry, its appearing to the Committee from the Statement of Mr Valentine Green now made that in his Opinion Mr Warren is fully competent to the task of engraving the proposed portrait & that subject to Mr Barrys Barry's Approbation he can recommend Mr Warren as the Artist.

I should greatly esteem the favour of your Answer in this Business in this Business by the Bearer eithereither now or in the Course of two or three hours as you think proper that he should wait upon you to direct the Bearer to direct the Bearer in order that I may acquaint Mr Green this a this a at four o'Clock - therewith.

I remain respectfully Sir
Your obed.t Servt -

Charles Taylor