Letter from SIR HORACE MANN to JAMES BARRY, written 24 January 1767, at Florence

Source: Fryer, Works of Barry, i. 83.

Sir Horace Mann (1706-1786), British envoy in Florence, had a particular interest in painting and antiquities; he here replies to Barry's recent letter that enclosed one from the Secretary of State, Lord Shelburne (1737-1805) asking Sir Horace Mann to give Barry whatever assistance might be useful to him in his studies.

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Florence,January 24, 1767.


The irregularity which the bad weather has of late occasioned in the posts, retarded the letter which you have favoured me with, together with that which Lord Shelburne1 has honoured me with in regard to you, till it was too late to acknowledge the receipt of them by the return of the post; I therefore seize this first opportunity to express my great desire to be useful to you, and to desire you to furnish me with the means of giving you any proofs of it, even before you come into Tuscany, if you should think me capable of doing it. At all events, I herein send you a letter for Cardinal Albani,2 who, in case you think proper to deliver it, (which I leave entirely to you to determine) will give you any assistance either in the pursuit of the object of your studies, or in any thing else you may stand in need of. I beg that you be persuaded of the same desire in me, and that you will believe me with regard,

Your most obedient,
Humble servant,

Horace Mann.